chapter 13- Cody

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Chapter 13- Cody

Sophie and I sat nervously in our living room waiting for the news. Cody's healing vein had been sliced in two making it impossible for him to heal, let alone heal fast. Every three minutes or so Cody would scream in pain making me cringe. Sophie's calming voice didn't help when we had been waiting about three hours. The room spun around me. I was dizzy from the lack of blood. Sophie's hair had fallen out of her bun and it was messily tied in a pony tail. She had changed out of her dress and was now wearing a t shirt and shorts. I didn't even want to think about my image. I was still wearing my red dress and it was crimpled. My hair was knotted and down. My make up was probably smudged and running down my face from the sweat- from worrying about Cody- and tears.

Soon the door bell rang. I sat still on the couch unable to move while Sophie went to get it. Damien then walked in the room.

"I wouldn't do anything to hurt Cody..." he started.

"Then explain why your bowtie was in the bathroom." I demanded.

"I don't know the only time I left Sophie was when I went to the feeding rooms to have a drink" he said. Then he turned to Sophie. "You believe me don't you?" he asked. Sophie stared for a moment. They were looking into each other's eyes. I saw true love between them but I was too angry to notice that now. Sophie then answered.

"I do believe you."

Damien smiled. "Finally."

I stared at her. How could she believe him! I stormed off to Cody's room.

I saw Haldi just coming out of Cody's room as I stormed up the stairs.

"You can see him now," Haldi said, "don't do more than talk." He winked as I went inside.

"Hi, Cody," I said. I saw him on his little bed with bandages covering him. "Nice headband." He laughed then it turned into a cough. He had a plain white bandage around his head and one around his chest. I could see the healing starting again but slowly. "Still hurt?" I asked.

"Yes" he croaked.

"Let me make it better." I said. I sat on the side of the bed and kissed him gently. 

"Ow..." he moaned. I must have touched his chest.

"I'm sorry" I said. I was so scared of hurting him. Instead he pulled me down and kissed me. The kiss was filled with warmth and passion. He kissed me like his never kissed me before. I can't explain it. I had a feeling he wanted to go further, but I would never do that while he was hurt. With a lot of effort I finished the kiss. I looked into those gorgeous big brown eyes and immediately wanted to do to Damien what he did to Cody. I was so furious at him. I have no idea how Sophie could have believed him. I kissed him once more.

"I have to go"  

We had two days off school but we had to go back sooner or later. Even Cody had to go back. First class was changed to an assembly. We all had to go into big hall. We all stood because we were vampires. A tall slender lady that looked old and wise stood at the front. She spoke in Italian but a lady nearby translated for us.

"Attention all students. Due to recent attacks to one of our students police detectives are going to be coming to this school to question students and teachers. Please be careful Even though all of you have super strength and powers. That is all." She bowed and stood of the stage. The hall suddenly erupted with whispers. Cody and I stayed close together and away from Sophie. She had sat with Damien and was now flirting with him. We all walked to our first classes. I checked mine and Cody's but a man placed his hand on our shoulders and pulled us into a room.

"Hello, I am detective Murlock. Vampire. You are Cody and Elizabeth, yes?" a man in a bright suite was talking. We nodded.

"Cody, I would like you to explain all of what happened that night in the bathroom."

"Well, I was sitting with Elizabeth on the couch when I had to go to the bathroom. I left going around the loud disco floor. I saw Damien and Sophie dancing before I left. I was in the bathroom when I heard a loud bang. I turned quickly around and saw a flash of black. They were very fast. They pushed me to the floor and grabbed out a silver knife and a box of matches. They used the knife to cut my healing vein and I started going all woozy. They also cut my head really deep. That's where I screamed. They muttered something very quietly and zoomed out the room dropping something in the room as they left. My head bulged and big black dots filled the bathroom. I hit my head on the floor and blacked out." Cody shook his head as if he was trying to shake the memory out. The detective had been writing a lot of things down very quickly.

"Elizabeth, can you tell me what happened..." he started but we were interrupted by the door opening. Sienna, the tall beautiful vampire that welcomed us walked in carrying a human by the scruff of the neck. I think I saw her scold as she walked past but her face was smiling again soon.

Cody and I walked quickly to our next class. The students were talking loudly and staring as we walked past. We ignored them. They didn't know much of what happened. A few brave kids asked us what happened but everyone else just whispered to each other. We saw Sophie in our next class. She was sitting with Damien talking and flirting. If I wasn't so mad at her I would have been happy she has found someone. They were so cute together. Half way through the boring vampire history lesson, Sophie and Damien were asked out of class. Probably to talk to the detectives.

At lunch, Cody made it his mission to make me happier. He smiled a big fake smile and made lots of unfunny jokes. We always laugh at them but today I couldn't. I just saw Cody's bleeding face over and over staring at me in my memory with his beautiful brown eyes.  My thoughts were soon interrupted by sienna walking past. I didn't know why she was here. She didn't come to this school and wasn't even at the party. I think.

"Hey sienna, why are you here?" I asked as she walked past. "You don't go to this school."

"I have a part time job. I have to bring blood taps to the detectives while they work." Sienna said quickly itching to go away.

"Cool," I said.

"Bye," she said as she walked away.

The rest of the day went past very fast. After school Cody and I went hunting in the reserved forest. Sophie was probably at Damien's house. I wish she would just leave him. It was obvious he was the one that hurt Cody. Maybe one day she would see that. Maybe. I felt better after sinking my aching fangs into something warm. Cody and I went for a long run around the reserve. We even went closer to the border of the vampire town where the humans lived. We saw the happy, innocent humans farming and a small family having dinner. I hadn't eaten dinner for almost one hundred years. I miss having a family dinner. The closest we have to a family dinner is us hunting all at once. I sighed. Cody saw this was making me unhappy and pulled me away.

"Come on," he said. I sighed again. Moving was meant to be happy. Finding a new house, town and life. It wasn't. It had just turned out to be like hell. We ran back to our house. Haldi was probably at the hospital for vamps still because he was a mystic doctor. We opened the door. And gasped.

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