Chapter 3- Un-dead

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Chapter 3- Un-dead

 I stopped telling the story. I heard a small swift sound.

"Dad's home!" I called. My dad walked into the door. I glanced at Maddy.

"How do you know your dad's home?" she asked

"I can hear him. Vampire senses."

"Well you kind of left that part out."

"Na, I was getting to it but then dad came home."

"Hi Lizzie, who is this?" my dad asked.

"This is my friend Maddy. She found out about us." I looked nervous. I didn't know what he was going to say.

"Cool. Hi Maddy. This must have been why you wanted some chips and it explained why I could hear her heart beat downstairs. Oh by the way, I'm Haldi." he put out his hand. She gasped.

"Ha...Haldi? Haldi's your dad?"

"Yeah, well not really. I just live with him.  I'll explain while you eat.

I was asleep for a while. I didn't know how long. Maybe 10 hours, maybe 10 days or even maybe 10 years. Maybe not for the last one. I felt the snow falling on me. It must be snowing. Wait why could I be lying in snow but it's not cold. I should be frozen by now.  I tried to move. My throat burned. It felt like there were razor blades sticking through it. I needed something cold. Something to stop the burning. What was that? I heard a small heart beat. Why can I hear a heartbeat? My ears aren't very good. I slowly opened my eyes. The world hit me. I saw every little detail of the forest. Every single little leave had the clearest outline. I could see every bit of dirt on the floor. I even saw the dust. Haldi then stood in front of me. Even his features where perfect. He grabbed my hand to help me up.

"What happened?" I asked.

"You're a vampire." Haldi kept staring at me. Those three words stung the air. The moment felt as if it lasted forever. But Haldi interrupted by clearing his throat.

"The world is pretty isn't it?" he said, "and you can hear everything. Vampires have special senses." He looked at the sun. It was high in the sky. It was probably lunch time. He held me in the shade. He pushed his hand in his pocket and pulled out a red necklace. It was filled with a deep red liquid.

"This is a blood stone." He said. "I'll explain it later. We have to go now."

"But what about my sister? I saw she was still alive." my memories started to return slowly. My parent's lifeless bodies in the vampire's arms. My sister screaming and crying at the same time. Me as silent as anything. I want my family back. A tear leaked from my eyes.

"Please, please Haldi. I need her." I stared at him for a long time. The moment stretched. After a while Haldi spoke.

"We can go back but just quickly. Then we have to run. Even if we can't save your sister." I nodded. I didn't like the part about not saving Mezzie but it was better than nothing. "But isn't your throat hurting? First we should get you something to drink." I looked at him. Vampires drink blood. That means killing innocent people just so I can survive.

"I can't kill people," I shook my head.

"You don't have to. Remember my family were blood taps. They survived for a bit but they were used to much. That's why they died." He explained. Then he grabbed my hand and we disappeared deeper into the forest.

We ran quickly through the forest trees. Our feet barely touching the ground. That all stopped when we reached a very thick river. Haldi jumped the river with ease. He landed on the other side lithely. I was next.

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