chapter 6- blood lust

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Chapter 6- Blood Lust

I ran slowly down the corridor. Well fast for a human anyway. I had to tell Cody. There were hunters after us. I saw him walking to the cafeteria with Juleous. I grabbed him by the arm and slipped into one of the photography rooms. 

"Cody, we have to go. Now!" I said.

"Elizabeth, I thought you were getting used to the smell now, why do we have to go..."

"Talunirs!" I yelled then covered my mouth with my hands.

"Talu what?"

"Talunirs. Vampire hunters. They kill vampires. They killed Molly!"

"Wait Elizabeth slow down. Molly?"

"A vampire from this school. She was killed by a fire stick."


"I think. They smell like humans but have very fast speed."

"Ok. I will call Haldi..."

"No. I can wait that long. We need to go!" whoops. I had yelled again.

"I just called Haldi."

I rolled my eyes. Doesn't he understand the words hurry up?

"Don't look so scared. Don't you trust me?"


"Does this help?" he moved forward and pressed his lips onto mine. Warmth filled my body. Electric sparks shot through my body all the way to my toes. My mind cleared. He stepped away. Why did he do that? And why did he have to stop?

"So? Does it help?"

"Maybe..." I smiled. He grabbed my hand and opened the window. Everyone would be in the cafeteria by now. We quickly ran to the office.

Haldi was waiting for us. We all left after Haldi signed the forms. We went to the car and drove home.

"Talunirs?" Haldi asked. We nodded. Cody had told him the story, "We will leave in the morning then." We both nodded. They couldn't get us in a night. We were safe.

At home I went to start packing when a familiar dreaming sensation washed over me. Mezzie. I sat down and the scene of the bedroom dissolved and I sat in my old house. The sun was shining through the window. Mezzie stood in the middle.

"Hi," I yelled happily. My sister.

"I'm not here for a makeup session. I am here because you are in grave danger. Timothy is still in war. Longest lasting war ever. The other fighting vampire found one of timothy's weak spots and blamed it on Haldi. Now timothy has found you and surrounded your town. They can't get in because there are werewolves making sure of that. You can't leave."

A bell sounded along with a girl's soft voice in the distance.

 "I have to go now Elizabeth. I miss you. I will talk to you soon. Bye" she dissolved into bubbles like the rest of the scene around me. Then reality hit me. We can't leave. Vampire hunters in town. Vampire soldiers surrounding town. What were we going to do?

I ran down the stairs.

"Haldi! Cody!" I yelled, "I saw Mezzie. The soldiers are back!"

"Calm down 'lizzabeth," Cody said soothingly.

I told them the story. At the end their faces were frozen. Haldi grabbed the phone and dialled a number.

"Hello, Ruby? Is your father their?" Haldi asked. I heard Ruby's muffled voice.

"What are we going to do?" Haldi asked when a new man was on the phone. Cody and I waited anxiously hand in hand. When Haldi hung up we drew our attention to him.

"We have to stay on guard and be hopeful. Manny, Ruby's dad, will also help. We can't kill the three girls because their fathers are still around town, but we can fight them. 

Our plan was to go to school for the next week. At night we would learn more about haunted hunters. Ruby's dad said there were ghosts living in town too. They could help lots. I got to school early the next day because it was boring at home. Cody gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before we got out the car. I went to the classroom like yesterday. Only Bryanna was there. I waved. She didn't see me. She was too busy drawing. I went to sit with her. When I came over she hid her paper. She studied me to see if I had seen.

"I didn't see." I said. "Honest." She looked unsure but left it.

"You can leave and charm someone else and get them to disregard Molly. I am not interested." She said sourly in a strong English accent. Luckily Sophie came in.

"Hi," she said cheerfully. I smiled to her, "science is going to be so fun today. We are making paper planes!" she jumped with joy.

"I am seventeen not eleven. Paper planes are foolish." Bryanna scoffed.

"What's with you today?" she raised an eyebrow.

"One too many in the group" she whispered under her breath. I ignored her. Calm down, she is still sad about Molly.

I took a deep breath. Big mistake. I just smelt everyone from a mile away. I felt my teeth growing sharp. I closed my lips tighter together. Just then the bell rang and everyone, including Cody, came in the room. If I pounced at someone he would stop me.

"Okay class," Mr. Carls said. He was our science teacher. He always wore a white lab coat and he had no hair. Today he had a pen tucked behind his ear. I think it was leaking. We were all laughing. "Today we are going to make paper planes. Now I know you are all 17, but I thought it would be fun."

We all grabbed some paper. How boring is this going to be. Then the lesson started getting worse. Juleous was folding his paper very tightly when he cut himself. Time seemed to slow down. I couldn't hold my fangs in anymore. My eyes turned as black as midnight. A drop of blood fell from his finger. I pounced. The only thing that mattered was that blood. I hadn't had human blood for ages. I needed it. NOW! Cody caught me in his arms.

"Can I take my sister out? She feints at the sight of blood." Mr Carls nodded and Cody pulled me out of the room. My throat was burning like razor blades. Cody finally sprinted when we were out of sight. He ran to the forest and held me to a tree.

"Calm down, Elizabeth, it was just a little blood." He could say anything in the world right now and I wouldn't care. I need that blood. I tried to sneak out of his grip. He caught me.

"Elizabeth!" he bent down and kissed me. Sparks shot through me again. My mind cleared. The blood left my thoughts.

"Now, let's go hunting for a while." He grabbed my hand and we ran into the forest to look for deer.

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