chapter 16- making up

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Chapter 16-Making- up

The house was decorated with millions of tiny lights. Haldi was standing outside with a huge smile on his face. I laughed. I was only turning eighty- two. Imagine what he would do when I turned one- hundred. Haldi gave me a gift. It was wrapped in bright pink wrapping paper. I tore it open. Inside was a little charm bracelet. It was silver and had four charms on it. One was a little paint brush. It was so detailed and looked handmade. One was a dainty, blue dress. It was detailed but this one looked from a shop. The next one was a little set of headphones. They were green. The last one was a heart that looked like a bloodstone. It was fat and red. I took the bracelet out. A note fell on the ground. It said;

'Hey. Happy birthday! We miss you a lot. I hope you like your new house. School is boring without you.

Love Charlotte, Summer, Bryanna and Ruby.

P.S: nobody knows about you yet. (This was from Ruby) '

"Ruby sent it for you," Haldi said, "my gift is inside the house. I fastened the bracelet on my wrist. I noticed each of the charms represented each of my friends. I guess that's why the paint brush was hand-painted. I ran inside. Haldi made me close my eyes as he walked me inside. He made me come a way I had never come before.

"Open your eyes," Haldi said. I opened them I was standing in the most beautiful little room I had ever seen. It was even better then my room today. There was a big square hole in the floor. It had a little mattress inside of it. I jumped in it. The sides of the hole were made of little shelves. Pillows and blankets were on top of the mattress making it the best spot in the world. The rest of the room was carpet and the other walls were painted with little pictures.

"Sophie painted the walls. She wanted to give you a present too." Haldi said. I ran upstairs to find Sophie.

Sophie was in her room staring out the window. I looked closer at her to see there were tears in her eyes. I came in silently and she turned around. So much for sneaking in.

"What do you want?!" Sophie yelled. Her voice was shaky and unstable. I sat on her bed.

"Sophie," I sighed, "I'm sorry for... everything. For blaming Damien and for not listening to you and for yelling at you and..." she looked up at me. "I'm sorry for not being a good friend." I looked at the floor.

"Elizabeth," she said, "you're not my best friend." She paused. "You're more than my friend. You're my sister! I should have been there for you when Cody was hurt. He is kind of my brother anyway." She giggled. I hugged her.

"Oh, and thank- you for painting my new room!" I said. "It's amazing. I didn't think you could paint like that!" I said.

"I guess it's easier when you're a vampire. Your hand is steadier... and hey! I wasn't that bad before!" she exclaimed. I laughed.

"I know."

"Want to go hunting later?" she asked. "I miss hunting with my sister."

"Okay. Let me change first." I said as I ran downstairs.

I was in my new, perfect room. I had just found some casual clothes Cody had bought me today. I had just taken off my make up from my date with Cody when I heard a soft bang. I looked around. The bang had seemed to come from one of the corners in the ceiling. I put my makeup remover down and was about to run and tell Cody when something hit me. I fell on the floor. I saw my chest, right where the main healing vein was, was a small silver bullet."  

"Wouldn't you die if a bullet hit you in the chest?" Maddy asked. After stopping off to get something for brunch, I took Maddy back to my house. No one was home so we sat in the kitchen. It was warmer today. The air around us seemed bright and cheery. We turned the big expensive TV on but didn't really watch it. There was a game show on which I had seen a million times before.

"It didn't kill me because it missed my heart."

"Did it hurt?"

"I'm getting to that," I laughed.         

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