chapter 4- perfect life

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Chapter 4- Perfect life?

 We ran across the sea. The soldiers couldn't track our scents from the ocean. We swam all the way up to North America. All vampires could swim very fast because vampires were kind of dead and we didn't need to breathe. Plus our legs arms and all other body parts could move very quickly. I looked under the water while swimming. I saw beautiful reefs with lots of fish. We swam for a long time. It was probably two days. My throat felt as if it had razor blades again. I guess one human isn't going to keep my throat feeling good for long. When we got to North America we met a little old man on the shore. The cold wind was wiping around our faces. The man beckoned us to follow him. I don't think he was a vampire but he wasn't human. He led us along the beach into the dark forest. He was a fast runner. He was nearly has fast as us. He showed us to the biggest house I had ever seen. Well, I hadn't really seen many houses remember I had lived in a one room apartment before. The house was big and open. It had lots of windows and a lot of rooms. Flowers surrounded the entrance. Haldi led as inside when the man left. It was even more beautiful inside then out.

"You haven't seen yourself as a vamp yet have you?" Cody asked. I shrugged. How different could I look? "Come on," he said. I followed him up the stairs.

"What is this place?" I asked.

"Our new house," Cody smiled at me. New house! This house is more like a hotel then a house. We found the bathroom. Everything was modern. Cody told me to close my eyes. He led me to a mirror.

"Open your eyes," he said. I took my hands away. My mouth fell open. I was frozen. I was staring at a beautiful girl. This girl was tall and skinny. She had shiny blonde hair. Her skin was pale almost white. Her eyes were crystal blue. So blue I could see another reflection in them. I moved my mouth. I realized it was me in the mirror. I blinked. I noticed red rings circling my eye colour. I normally wore glasses because my eyesight was pore but I could see so clearly. "You don't need glasses anymore" Cody smiled as if he read my mind.

I smiled showing perfect pearly white teeth.

The two canine teeth were very sharp and pointy. They could probably rip anything.

I saw around my neck was a large heart-shaped necklace. It was pure red. It looked as if it had blood inside it. Around the top were little pink beads.

"What's this?" I asked

"A bloodstone," Cody said, "all vampires have one so they don't burn in the sun. It also protects them from prefixes like churches. Werewolves and other creature have them as well." He then led me back down the stairs.

We lived in that house for years doing everything the same but one day everything changed.

One day in about 1915, I was reading on my bed when I had a daydream. That was very strange because vampires don't dream but I still did. I was standing in my normal house but there was one different thing. Mezzie was in the room. The last time I had seen her was eleven. She looked so different. She would be around forty now. She was unnaturally skinny and tall. Her skin was grey and dull.

"Remember me?" asked Mezzie.

"Yeah, of course." But I looked puzzled.

"I am trapped in a prison back in South America. I met a man there that knew everything there is to know about vampires. He said if the vampire you are trying to contact has something that used to belong to you, you can walk her dreams. I knew you had taken my necklace so I tried. The reason I am here is because you are in danger. Timothy is still looking for you. He trapped me years ago because I wouldn't tell him where you are. You need to be wary and careful. Timothy is after you and is never going to rest until he finds you. I need to go now." She whispered

"I love you," I said "when you get out, come and find me."

"I will and I love you too. Stay safe." She faded away. Tears trickled down my cheek. She was risking everything for me and I was an evil creature of the night."

"What was that?" Maddy asked. She was looking around with a worried look on her face.

"I didn't hear anything" I said, "what was it?"

"It was the door," she said. I looked around. I sniffed. Cody. He was back already. I heard him coming back up the stairs. Cody came into the room.

"I heard you had a snack here." He smiled.

"Maddy this is Cody." I said. It was lucky I was a vampire or I would have blushed until I burned. Cody waved and came over to kiss my head.

"Anyway... we never went out unless we had to go hunting. Only Haldi went out. He had a job as a mystical doctor. He had to treat mystical creatures because they couldn't go to normal doctors. That's how we got the house. He worked in a much hidden town far away, so Cody and I were the only ones home. You can understand how boring it would be not sleeping so Cody and I would read a lot. He also taught me ballet in exchange for me teaching him football. Yeah it was a weird combination.

Cody taught me everything there was to know about vampires. Well, all the parts he knew anyway. He showed me vampires can send messages through their minds to talk and he also taught me about vampire killings. For a human to kill a vampire it is very hard. The only way is for the human to burn the vampire's heart. Millions of years ago, humans used to light fire sticks and push them through vampire's hearts. Lucky we weren't alive back then.

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