chapter 17- vampire napped

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Chapter 17- Vampire napped

"The pain from the bullet hitting was agony. I was starting to bleed. I wanted to scream but when I tried, my throat closed up. I could barely see dark green gas polluting the air. I tried moving but I couldn't feel my body. The gas must be numbing my vampire powers. I had to lay my head down on the floor. Even the muscles in my neck weren't working. The gas was getting thicker. It was stinging my eyes. I blinked and couldn't open my eyes again. I heard a couple noises. My head was killing me. Then I completely blacked out.     

When my eyes finally opened I was inside a very small crate. It was made of wood and just big enough for me to sit. I tried to force open the crate but it was very strong. I tried a lot of times but I had lost too much blood due to the bullet in my vein. I looked down to see if it was still there. I remembered what happed. The bullet and the gas. Even the fight with Sophie. My cut had been covered with a bandage. A bit of blood was on it but it didn't really hurt anymore. I tried to look around the crate for any holes I could see out of. I couldn't find any. I would have to listen. I heard waves rolling. We were on the sea? I listened harder. I heard an engine running. I must be on a boat. Why would I be on a boat? I suddenly had an idea. I stuck my nails into the wood making a small hole. I looked out of it. I was on a boat and it was huge. I couldn't see off the edge of the balcony but there would probably be more to see. A guard walked past me. I held my breath. The guard seemed tired. I prised the lid of the crate with some newfound strength. I held it closed until the guard didn't face me anymore. I crept out slowly and pounced on him closing my hand over his mouth and biting into his neck. The man was a human and very easy to get. After completely draining the guard's blood, I lay him down and took in my surrounding. The man had been the only other thing on this floor. I walked over to the balcony and looked over the edge. The sea rolled beneath me. I turned around but stood facing a tall dark, handsome man.

The man was a vampire and very strong. I tried a couple of times to jump over the balcony but she kept catching me. It didn't help that I didn't have much blood left in me but I still fought. The man only used his hands but managed to get a couple of blows in. I was always on defence trying to save myself. After a couple more minutes, another man came. He was another vampire but not so tall and strong. I dodged under both of the men and ducked out of the doorway the new man had just opened.

The hall was long and carpeted. There were a couple of creates scattered among it but I couldn't hear anything that sounded like life. I ran in and out of hallways and opening avoiding oncoming vampires. I finally found a window I could escape through. I prised it open and jumped out.

The sea beneath me was cold and dark. I tried swimming but the waves were very strong. I ducked under the water and swam as fast as I could. I could hear speed boats being dropped into the water and angry shouts of people. I kept under the water and didn't dare to come up for a breath. The boats gained speed and came closer and closer. I heard shooting coming from them. I remembered people could shoot hawthorn thorns at me and kill me. I kept swimming even faster using this as my motivation. I nearly gave up. Suddenly a huge wave shot up from a distance. I heard shocked sounds coming from the boats. They turned away. So did I.

I bumped into a man swimming after me. He was holding a silver blade. I couldn't believe I had just given myself over to the enemy.

He grabbed me and I fought. He seemed surprised I had any energy left but it just kept coming. He pushed the knife into my cheek. There was a strong stinging pain. The salt from the water was very strong. I saw drops of blood float around me. It looked like red food die in the water. He used the shock from the cut against me and pulled me to the surface. He knocked a single blow on my head that hurt due to my cut healing vein and I blacked out.         

"Elizabeth?" I heard a voice say. "Elizabeth, wake up." I opened my eyes slowly. I was in a small plain prison cell. The cell had thick metal bars surrounding it. They were rusted to a colour crossed between orange and brown.

"Elizabeth!" said the voice. I turned to see where it was coming from. I saw Mezzie in the next cell. She looked old and fragile. She kept getting skinnier and more grey tinged her skin. Wait, if Mezzie was here that meant I was in prison in South America.

"Mezzie, what's happening?" I asked.

"You're in prison with me." she said.

"How?" I asked. Last time I could see I was on a boat. Oh. I had been taken and shot. I was about to say something else when a vampire walked in. her hair was perfect and black. It was silky like black water dripping down her back. She was tall and tanned. When she brushed her hair behind her ears, I saw her face. It was sienna. I was bewildered.

"Elizabeth. You were too easy to get." Sienna said. "I just needed to hurt your precious little Cody and blame my stupid brother, Damien." She smirked.

"It was you! You hurt Cody! You made me and Sophie fight! You wrecked the house! Why?" I yelled. Everyone in the building was looking at me, even the people in the cells.

"Because in this time of seventy years, you are the only human girl to escape. I am going to grab Cody and Haldi too but, you were easier to get to. I have your sister." She pointed to Mezzie. She was grasping the bars so tightly her knuckles turned white.

"Please don't hurt my sister," she was whispering. Why would she give her life up for me? I'm a vampire. I was watching Mezzie when a man in a grey suite walked in. Timothy.

"Elizabeth, we meet again," remarked Timothy. He had a small sly smile on his face.

"You three were the only vampires to escape my refuge. I need to take revenge on you all so I can say no one escaped. I will be the most powerful man in the world. He looked very tall when he said that. He then sent me an image in my head. I was standing in a small grey town. Pictures of Timothy were plastered all over the city. Humans were walking around the city. They looked sad and lonely. Vampires scattered the place. They were as sad and lonely as the rest of them. The only vampire that had smiles, were Timothy and Sienna. They both were wearing big gold crowns. They were king and a princess. I snapped back to life. I was back in the prison cell.

"That's what it's going to be like to live here as soon as I kill you and your family. I might keep Sophie though. She is good company for my son, Damien."

"Damien's your son?" I shouted. What is this crazy mixed up world. Sophie is dating the son of this killer. He killed my brother and parents! If I wasn't locked up right now I would... no I wouldn't. I'm too weak and I hate fighting.

"So, the date is set?" Timothy said, "Tomorrow we will kill your 'little' sister." He laughed. It wasn't a happy, cheery laugh. It was a cruel laugh. It would make flowers wilt and birds flee when they heard it. Timothy left the rooms. I went over to Mezzie. I placed one of my cold hands on hers. She shivered but still sat there. She had big bruises on her neck. A tear dropped from her eye.

"I will miss you." Mezzie whispered.

"No. I will die too. I will come with you to be a ghost. Our family can be together again. I can't watch you die." I said.

"I'm the big sister now," she said, "I'm old. You're only fifteen still," that made us laugh. The atmosphere was eerie and soundless. Our laughs echoed through the cold room. We were making un- funny jokes to fill the silence when a person came out from behind me.

"Elizabeth? You're still alive?" the boy said. It was Mason.

"Mason?" I said.

"Yeah, it's me. They finally caught me and held me responsible for you sneaking out..." he cut his thought off. "Why are you bleeding?" he pointed at my t-shirt. It had blood on it. Not just a little blood either. So much blood that the shirt had nearly completely turned red. "Let me fix it." He said. He took off the bandage. The cut was just on the last rib bone before my stomach. He looked at it for a second. "The vein is broken and you can't heal without it being fixed. How were you cut?" he looked very worried. It wasn't even hurting.

"Sienna shot me with a bullet." I said sourly. I hated her so much now. Mason looked shocked. He ripped a bit of my pants off and bandaged my cut up tight.

"I think the bullets gone. You should stop bleeding soon.

"Thanks," I said. But that was the last word I said.

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