chapter 14- little collette

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Chapter 14- Little Collette

The sight was horrible. Out furniture was tipped over and trashed. A couch had what it looked to be a bite out of it. What had happened? Our paintings, pictures and even notebooks and drawings were torn and thrown all over the floor. Feathers and torn paper made it look like it had snowed in here. I ran up to my room and nearly cried. On the floor was my little stuffed doll I had gotten when I was four. My bed sheets and pictures were also torn to make snow all over the floor. I ran to Sophie's room. It was fully intact except for the explosion of clothes all over the floor and her messy make up bottles on her table. Okay. That didn't sound intact but it was for Sophie. I saw Cody's and Haldi's room from across the hall. They were wrecked to. Damien. This had his name written all over. I went to wash my face with cool water in my bathroom. The sink was taken out and on the floor were blood stains everywhere. He had gone too far this time but at least he hadn't killed anyone. Or almost killed. On the floor was a small bloodstone. It was in the shape of a bird. Small and majestic. It was beautiful. It also had small black swirls along the top. I had seen this once before. On Damien's neck.

We stood in the police station silently. Although this was a vampire town it had rules and police. We had called them about our houses and they told us to come here until Haldi came back when we could fine a temporary house. I held Cody's hand. His warmth was the most comforting feeling. A police officer finally came in. he was short, stump and a vampire. He had a detective badge on his chest.

"So, Cody and... Elizabeth. Haldi has to stay longer at the hospital and he asked if you guys could go over there. I will also contact Sophie to meet you there." He smiled and left the room briskly.

We had to run to the hospital. The front doors slid open when we walked up to them. Haldi was waiting inside.

"You guys can help in the V.E room. There are new vampires in there who have no idea what's going on. Especially if they are human just introduced to the idea of vampires. Have fun." He laughed and ran quickly through one of the doors. We shrugged at each other and ran to the V.E room. Inside it was a beautifully painted room. There were a couple of beds with people in them. They looked timid and small. A few vampires in nurse uniforms sat at the foot of each bed. Except one where the girl was still knocked out.

"Hi, you must be Haldi's kids. You two can explain things to this girl when she wakes up. She was adventuring in our land and a vampire found her and couldn't control himself. She had lost a lot of blood but we saved her and she is now a vampire." A small vampire nurse said. She was holding a clip board and a pen marking things down. "Oh and her name is Collette,"

"How do they know?" I whispered to Cody after the nurse left.

"Mind-reading remember?" he answered with a nervous laugh. We sat at the foot of the bed. Collette was a cute nine year old girl with soft brown curls. Her face was slightly twisted with pain. I could imagine what her parents were thinking right now. Her eyes fluttered. She opened her beautiful brown eyes and jumped.

"What am I doing here?" she demanded. "The last thing I remember I was exploring the African jungle in Atlanta! Or I was pretending to anyways!" Cody found a mirror under the bed and showed Collette her reflection. She gasped.

"When did somebody put this vampire costume on me? I'm a 'splorer not a vampire!" she shook her head and tried to pull her fangs off. Her sharp fangs soon cut her little finger. "Ouch!" she cried. A little blood oozed out. Her eyes turned black. She bit her finger and sucked the blood out. Cody quickly grabbed a cup of blood for her and she sculled it down. "Do vampires exist?" she asked in a small voice.

"Yes." I said.

She gasped.

"I am a vampire?" she asked. Cody and I nodded.  "Are you two vampires?"   

"Yes." Cody said. She looked in the mirror again.

"I want to go home." A tear ran down her cheek.

"I know sweetie but you can't. Not yet at least."

"I thought vampires burn in the sun and sleep all day."

"We do burn in the sun but you have a bloodstone." I pointed at her neck where she had a small necklace in the shape of a bow.

"Oh," she said, "can I go change clothes. I feel weird being a vampire in adventure clothes." Cody nodded and Collette ran out of the room quickly.

"Where will she go now?" I asked Cody. "She's only nine and has no parents."

"I don't know. Someone will probably adopt her." He looked at me hopefully. I knew what he would say.

"We should ask Haldi then." I said. He nodded.

"Yes, we should adopt her." A scream then interrupted us talking. It echoed through the hospital. It also sounded eerily like Collette. We looked around then at each other.

We stood in a small dressing room. Clothes of all kinds scattered the floor. In the middle of all the clothes was Collette. She looked small and white. She had two small holes in her neck. Her face was unusually white. Someone had drained her blood. Sirens sounded outside the door. A detective soon came in. He was looking for clues in the room. We didn't even know Collette much but her dying had just punched a hole in my heart. The girl was only nine. She hadn't even started living her life. The detective looked around the room for clues but only found a couple of long, black, silky hairs. That's weird. Damien doesn't have long black hair or at least as long as this. He also found after clearing her clothes away, writing in Collette's blood on the floor. E, you're next. It said. A shiver ran down my spine. The others kept their surprise to themselves saying it wasn't me.  

After staying at the hospital for so long I was actually becoming tired- and that's impossible- we went back to our house. Collette's body would be returned to her parents for a proper funeral. I imagined how sad they would be right now. After the detective left Haldi finally found a temporary house. It was raining when we left. The house had two rooms and a small TV. We sat bored all night waiting for the storm tochapter stop so we could go and do something else. At about four in the morning Sophie came home. She had a permanent smile on her face. She looked as if Damien had just kissed her. He probably had.    

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