Chapter 21- Happy ending?

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Chapter 21- Happy ending? 

My chest soon healed and I went back to school. It healed and doesn't hurt anymore but it left a small scare. It shouldn't have but I was burned when my healing vein was cut so it made a small red burned shape. After another boring eight months of vampire school we finally graduated. Damien graduated for the fourth time, while the rest of us for the first. At least after we graduated we moved away from Italy. We swam across the sea to America. We got a new house in the middle of nowhere. We lived in a remote forest away from Sophie's home town the school we went to didn't have many people there. I was sitting outside in the sun with Cody when a man brought a letter. We never got any letters because we had no other families. The envelope had Sophie & Elizabeth written on it in small elegant handwringing. I opened it and pulled out a letter.

Dear Sophie and Elizabeth,

After all these years I finally found something very remarkable. I know Elizabeth is a vampire. I was looking through the school records when I found hers. It said that she came unexpectedly and left without really leaving the high school. I also saw Sophie's records said she had died. Ruby said she didn't. I also found some old security camera footage which was carefully deleted. I restored it because nowadays we have better technology. It took me ages to do it but finally I did. I saw you and Sophie taking pictures in the photography room by yourselves when she cut herself. Your eyes went black and you bit her. I demanded an explanation from Ruby and she finally told me. Don't worry though, I didn't tell Bryanna or Summer. I really miss Sophie and even Elizabeth. Even though I only knew her for a month.

Love charlotte.

I gave the letter to Cody to read.

"Give it to Sophie. She really misses them all". Sophie came out of the house.

"Give what to me?" Sophie asked. Damien followed. I gave her the letter. "I miss them." She whispered.

The years went by. We moved all around Australia when somebody was even a bit suspicious. After travelling around there we decided we wanted to see something new. We moved to this small town. That's where I met you."

"That's a long life." She said.

"And there's still more to come." I sighed. "Sometime I wish I was just a normal human. I wish that war had never started. I would be a normal human. I wouldn't be a vampire. I wouldn't have to drink blood. "

"There aren't really many things you would miss out on." Maddy pointed out.

"There are heaps." I sighed again.

"At least you can be beautiful forever."

"Forever is a long time." I said.

"I know. Is there any other things you found about your special powers?"

"I can see ghosts, heal people using love and the coolest one is a power I can only do when I have had blood wine. I can control nature."

"Is that like making plants grow?"

"Yeah, I haven't figured out how to really use it yet."

"Those are good parts about being a vampire." She said.

"Kind of," I said. "I just wish I could at least sleep. Or eat. I really wish I wasn't a vampire."

"But then you wouldn't have met me!" exclaimed a voice from behind. I hadn't even heard Sophie come in. "I would have died in that car accident. I would be really gone. I would never have met Damien. If it wasn't for the drama with the silhouettes, we wouldn't have moved to Italy. You also wouldn't have met Cody. You two are perfect for each other." Cody walked in the bedroom.

"Are you guys talking about me again?" he laughed.

"Maybe," we all said simultaneously. Cody squeezed in beside me. Damien and Sophie left the room with Maddy following them awkwardly. I turned to face Cody. I stared into his eyes. "We are finally alone." He said. I laughed.

"We've been together for more than one-hundred years."

"One-hundred years isn't long enough."

"Really?" I laughed.

"Really." He leaned forward and kissed me.

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