chapter five: vilkas

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We sit across from each other in my room. I try to ready myself for whatever she is about to say about that stupid letter. I knew I shouldn't have written it; I should just keep my fantasies in my head.

Her gaze bounces around my room. Is she looking for something, or can she not get the right words out? Either way, every passing moment makes me more and more worried. Is she about to chew me out for my idiotic ideas? Will she threaten to blackmail me? Oh if the others found out about this letter- I would never hear the end of it...

She lays the ripped letter on the table with grace, and then looks down with a smile. Is she about to make fun of me?

"Y/N, the letter is really inappropriate and I shouldn't have written it; the letter was never meant to find it's way into your hands, I swear it!"

She looks up with hesitation, and then smiles a kind, playful smile. "Do you anything else to say about it?"

She seems to be rubbing the situation in my face. What does she want me to say?

"Well... what did you think of it?" I say uneasily.

Her eyes dart around again before locking onto mine. "I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I can't help but feel oddly charmed."

My face feels red hot; come on Vilkas, keep yourself together!

"You can have this part of the letter back- maybe one day you'll show me what the entire letter said?" She can't help but grin.

Her smile is contagious, even when I'm upset. I smile and release the breath I had been holding in.

She begins to stand up to leave but before she walks out the door her eyes meet the bookshelf.

Oh, she must've been reading the book titles around the room this whole time! Interesting.

"If one interests you, feel free to borrow it." I say and I stand up and stand next to her to observe where her eyes were investigating.

"Do you have any recommendations?" She smiles once more which causes the breath to be taken out of my chest.

"Well... I have a fondness for history so-"

* time skip *

After seemingly hours of debating history, and literature, the new blood ends up with a tall stack of books in the arms. The stack is so tall
that it is past her head. The stack precariously wiggles with every motion.

"Can I take some of those for you?" I laugh, she laughs in return and says a quick "sure."

We walk out to the new bloods sleeping quarters and we see Farkas leaning on the doorframe. He seems shocked and furrows his brow.

"Do you want me to carry some of those?" He asks her.

"No, I got it Farkas." She says as she walks in and then puts the books tediously on her small end table.

I smirk and make brutal eye contact with Farkas when walking past him. He rolls his eyes mutters a quiet "well played" before walking back to his room.

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