chapter three: the new blood

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It had been two weeks of being a Companion, and it has been mostly as I had expected, except the personalities of the other companions. For some reason I always thought they all would have this bland, serious, warrior personality, but everyone I have met so far is more interesting than that; well, besides a few other new bloods.

Throughout my days going in and out of Jorrvaskr, I have constantly felt watched. Did they always stare at all of the new bloods? I'm not sure if it is a good or bad thing to be so closely watched...

With some time to myself finally, I sat alone in the new bloods room on my bed and dug through my knapsack. It was filled to the brim, and daggers were sticking out of it at odd places.

While digging through the array of nirnroot, I see a folded note. I pull it out and inspect it before beginning to unfold it. I don't remember putting a note in here, but I don't remember half of the things I throw in my knapsack.

As I unfold it I see neat handwriting, the first line is scribbled out but I can still make out that below the scribbles it says, "I'm not the best at talking, so I thought writing a letter would be better." Under the scribbles it says:

Although you've only been here for a moment, I am oddly infatuated with you. Your presence commands authority, and your eyes tell a song of hardship. I wish you would one day let me listen to your song of how you ended up here. Was it fate? I'm not certain if I believe in such a thing.

The bottom portion was ripped off so I couldn't read the rest. I felt a blush grow on my cheeks. This letter couldn't be for me, right? I am the newest member here, but maybe it was a metaphor or something. I hear snickering behind me, when when I turn around there is no one there. The person who wrote this letter has to be one of the Companions; I just need to figure out which one.

The first name that crosses my mind is Vilkas, but would Vilkas really put this in my knapsack without me knowing? And why is part of it ripped off? I suppose there is only one way to find out... I'll ask Vilkas himself.

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