chapter seven: farkas

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Vilkas and the New Blood both stared intensely at me with a flush of red on their cheeks. It seemed I rushed in at the right moment, because they were oddly close to each other. Had Vilkas somehow already won her heart?

"Are you alright?!" I ask her in a hurry as I walk over to inspect the cuts that danced around her arm.

Vilkas snatches my hand and gives me a furious glare. "What are you doing, brother?" He practically growls between his teeth. I can see the New Blood tense up and scoot a bit away from Vilkas.

"Aela told me that the New Blood was hurt, and when I walk by your room and hear her in pain-"

Vilkas releases his tight grip on my arm, and then the New Blood clears her throat before she speaks.

"I'm alright, Farkas. Vilkas is just helping these cuts a bit." She gives me a kind smile that makes my heart rattle.

"You should've had one of us come with you." I say to her as Vilkas ignores me and continues to tend to her wounds.

"You two need to stop doting on me. Do you care this much about all of the New Bloods?"

Vilkas raises his eyebrows in thought, but then decides to say nothing.

"We are allowed to have favorites." I mention which causes her to smile once more. "Well, whenever Vilkas is done patching you up, drinks are on me at the Bannered Mare if you're up for it."

"Can't you just let her rest, Farkas?" Vilkas mumbles.

"Can't you just let her answer the question for herself, Vilkas?" I shoot back at him. He grumbles something under his breath as he tightly wraps up her arm.

She winces a bit at the pressure of the bandages and then says, "I suppose a few drinks wouldn't hurt."

"Exactly! You won't be worried about your sore muscles and wounds after a few good drinks!" I smile proudly as Vilkas begins to brood.

"You are done." Vilkas says bluntly. I can see her eyes start to sympathize with his pouting. Please don't invite my brother to our date.

"Vilkas why don't you come drinking with us? It seems like you need to be cheered up!" She says in a lighthearted tone.

Vilkas looks up and smirks at me, almost like he is laughing in my face. Of course.

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