chapter four: farkas

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Super adorable art above by masimasi04211 on tumblr!

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"That was close!" I mutter to myself as I briskly walk away as quietly as I can. I can't stop replaying the moment when the blush spread on her face; she must be so furious and embarrassed! With a huge smile I stride back to my room. I open the door to see Vilkas sitting on one of my chairs with a pouty, upset look on his face.

"Vilkas! My, -well uh-, its so good to see you!" I say loudly. I probably could've said that better, but he won't question it, right?

"Shut the door and sit down." He grumbles.

Uh oh... This is not looking good for me.

I do as he says and then ask, "What's wrong?"

He pulls out a ripped letter with fury, and he slaps in down on the table between us. I feel my face grow red, and Vilkas's face begins to do that same.

"So you did steal it!" He exclaims. "What did you do with it?!"

"I didn't steal anything!" I lie, but of course Vilkas knows me all too well to believe my lies. "Okay, so maybe I did... She looked real embarrassed when she read it too. Or maybe she was upset?"

"She?! You have got to be joking!" Vilkas stands up and slams his hands on the table; he then takes a few deep breaths and sits back down, and some of the redness dissipates from his cheeks. "How did you give it to her?"

A weird feeling grows in my stomach, is it guilt? "I slid it in her knapsack..." I mutter embarrassedly. No, I shouldn't be embarrassed, he should be! Why I am feeling this way?!

Vilkas growls, crumples up the ripped bottom half of the letter in his hand and whips open the door to walk out, but he is greeted with the new blood standing stiffly.

Vilkas's rage somewhat cools down, as he clears his throat.

The new blood's eyes stick right to the paper in Vilkas's hand. Vilkas notices and shoots me a passive aggressive glare.

"Vilkas, I need to ask you something-" She begins to say but Vilkas cuts her off.

"Can we talk about this in my room?"

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