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The Art of Making Enemies (Miraak x Reader) by 8_Hello_8
The Art of Making Enemies ( Rose
[#1 in Skyrim Nov. 18] (Miraak x Reader) Enemies. It's a silly concept really. Two people hating each other for something that each person finds wrong in their own mind...
Burnt Honey [vilkas x reader x farkas] by memeslovepoptarts
Burnt Honey [vilkas x reader x memeslovepoptarts
The blunt realization that life isn't always as sweet as it seems is like burnt honey - bittersweet, and living with two competitive wolves fighting over the same prey c...
An's Diary (Skyrim Fanfic) by Adventurehat
An's Diary (Skyrim Fanfic)by Haley
Marcurio, a mercenary magician, is hired by the mysterious Dovahkiin for the second time. But this time, he's been recruited to accompany her in her attempt to uncover h...
Through my Blood by ThatFenrisWolf
Through my Bloodby ThatFenrisWolf
Racked with guilt from a dark past and the weight of recognition he had for slaying Alduin, the Dragonborn Remus exiled himself from Skyrim. Still, even after going inco...
Night Of The Hunter by Jet-Raven
Night Of The Hunterby Jet-Raven
Jet Raven is a 21 year old imperial who has no memory of her parents. She was raised by a group of bandits and here she met the Old One. He taught Jet everything he knew...
Betrayers Succession (Skyrim Fanfic.) by Malgeres
Betrayers Succession (Skyrim Malgeres
It doesn't matter, any of it. Love, happiness, friends, family...all pointless little delusions the weak cling to for comfort in a harsh world. The only thing that matte...
~Thief~ by MysticalJedi
~Thief~by Mystical Jedi
"You're turning out to be quite the prize, lass! " __________________________________________ No one has stolen anything from him. He was the best thief in the...
The Lost Heir (Skyrim Fanfiction) by msmarvelworld
The Lost Heir (Skyrim Fanfiction)by Julia <3
Following the murder of the High King, his daughter and wife escape to safety. The princess vanishes and has made a living in the woods of Skyrim. That is, until she mee...
Skyrim Drabbles by bucketkoala
Skyrim Drabblesby Can I die
For Beeb and Bic <3 basically an ocs x skyrim
MADMEN ➸ tesvi: skyrim by noctemsempra
MADMEN ➸ tesvi: skyrimby 𝔩𝔞𝔯𝔞
Markarth. City of Stone. Upon first inspection, it seems powerful, peaceful and prosperous. There are stalls in the marketplace, a thriving forge and mill, a blacksmith...
The Shingenki Rises by ParisBryers
The Shingenki Risesby 【 しんげんき 】
The Shingenki is one of the most powerful beast that roamed The Hibajoku kingdom. With it being a threat to civilization Queen Tomoe send her best guards to recruit an...
LA NASCITA DEL DRAGO ||skyrim (ita) by _Werewolf_inside_
LA NASCITA DEL DRAGO ||skyrim (ita)by ∆Illuminati∆
"E le pergamene hanno predetto, ali nere nel cielo freddo,quando fratello combatterà fratello,Alduin sventura dei re,ombra antica mai domata,con una fame sconfinata...
The Seeker of Sorcery (Skyrim Fanfiction) by msmarvelworld
The Seeker of Sorcery (Skyrim Julia <3
A Dunmer brought up in the kitchens of Tel Mithryn, Delte Sero has known the great enchanter Neloth since she could remember. A month after her twenty-fourth birthday...
Cicero X Jet One shot by Jet-Raven
Cicero X Jet One shotby Jet-Raven
This is just a one shot story of my OC Jet and Cicero. I wanted to make something cute and skinny. I might add more one shots to this. But I will not promise anything...
AHKRIN « tesvi: skyrim by noctemsempra
AHKRIN « tesvi: skyrimby 𝔩𝔞𝔯𝔞
ahkrin; dovahzul (n.) courage. « • » Growing up in a noble family, Idun Stone-Crow had many privileges. As her parents were wealthy, they could support the welfare of...
Twisted Destiny ||Cicero x Modern Day Reader by zzOddie
Twisted Destiny ||Cicero x ᵒᵈᵈᶦᵉ
- This story was inspired by The Eldersrolls V, Skyrim. Only the plot line and a few added characters are mine. - What happens when the real world and a fictional media...
Engulfed in Madness (Skyrim Fanfiction) by msmarvelworld
Engulfed in Madness (Skyrim Julia <3
A young boy taken from his mother. A cult that worships a mad god. A cheerful, yet secretive woman and her cautionary housecarl. An orphaned girl who knows what nightmar...
Voice of Seven (WIP) by justalilbug
Voice of Seven (WIP)by Rachel
A thief running from the past she left behind. A soldier unsure of where her allegiance lies. A bard being plagued by mysterious nightmares. A blacksmith seeking revenge...