chapter two: farkas

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The new blood sits twiddling her thumbs then fiddling with the chair she sat on outside of Kodlak's room. Kodlak usually only asked to talk to those within the Circle, but now he had asked Aela to fetch him Y/N so he could speak to her directly.

Vilkas clears his throat as he walks by and motions to follow him. I look behind me just to make sure he was referring to me and I hear a loud scoff. I look towards my brother again to see him motion very obviously this time until I begin to follow him into his room.

He shuts the door quietly. Everything I have done this week to annoy Vilkas flashes through my mind. Maybe he found out I carved "Vilkas is a spider lover" into his bed frame...

We sit on chairs across from each other and Vilkas glares silently. Is he waiting for me to confess to something?

"Vilkas, what do you want?" I finally say to break the silence.

"What were you doing with the new blood?" He asks in an upset manner.

"Why does it matter?" I ask genuinely.

Vilkas's face flushes. "I-it doesn't matter to me; Kodlak wants to know! He wants to know why you are spending time with her drinking at the Bannered Mare!"

Of course he tells an obvious lie. "I'm sure Kodlak doesn't care..." and then after a few moments of tying all of Vilkas's mannerisms together, I finally had come to the obvious conclusion. "You like her?!" I state, hoping he will say no.

"No!" He yells, but his face becomes brighter than a tomato. "What were you two even talking about all day?! You wasted the whole day drinking."

I shrug, trying not to smirk at his jealousy. "We just talked about our adventures, and then we tried to balance our tankards on the end of our swords!" My heart beats rapidly thinking about the hours flying by with her just talking and drinking.

"You like her, too..." Vilkas grumbles.

I stand up and go to walk out before Vilkas says, "we will see who she chooses then."

I smile, we always loved a competition, "I suppose I already got a head start."

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