chapter one: the new blood

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A/N: The chapter titles will indicate who's point of view the chapter is in. Chapters titled "the new blood" are in the readers'/your character's point of view, unless other-wised stated in an A/N.

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Poised with the elegance of a drunken elk, I clumsily trot through the town of Whiterun. It was busy in the early morning; all the market vendors frantically setting up their shops before the rest of the town would wake.

I bump into Ysolda, who was gentility cradling a basket of mountain flowers, while darting up the steps to the upper part of Whiterun. We both stop and stare as a few flowers bounce out of the basket and flow with the cool dawn's breeze.

Ysolda scoffs and rearranges the flowers left in her basket before glaring at me. I roll my eyes at her want for this situation to become even more dramatic for her own benefit, but to stay out of trouble I quickly mutter, "fine, I owe you some dumb flowers or something-" before hustling to Jorrvaskr, the home of Skyrim's courageous warriors known as the Companions.

Of course I should make a good impression on the citizens of the town because I'm one of the newest Companions; there are certain expectations I should live up to, and ramming into people, then running off is not one of the expectations, although I'm sure some of the other "new bloods", new recruits to the Companions, have done worse.

Sweat beads roll down from my forehead to my jawline, clinging to my warm skin desperately. I can't be late to this meeting with Vilkas. Vilkas rarely talks to new bloods, so this has to be important, right?

I swing open the doors to see Vilkas with an impatient look on his face staring into my soul. "Uh oh~" someone mocks in the background quietly.

"Far-Vilkas, I-um - You needed to speak with me?" I stutter like a scared child.

Vilkas could not have sighed more sassily than he did after my comment; his arms crossed disapprovingly while he furrows his brow. "You are tardy." His blunt comment echoes throughout the mead hall.

"I know." I state confidently, hoping this will cause him to drop the subject, but it only peaks his curiosity.

"And may I ask what you were doing that caused you to rush to get here?"

"You may, but you won't get an answer that satisfies you." I raise an eyebrow and Vilkas looks away as he tries to quickly get rid of his blush before continuing the conversation. "Not used to receiving witty comments in return to your constant witty remarks?" I tease, causing him to have to advert eye contact to control his reddening cheeks.

I snap out of my trance and realized I have a goofy grin plastered on my face. His semi-social awkwardness brought me joy for some odd reason. Vilkas clears his throat. "No being coy or cocky. There is a chain of command here, remember? So you have to listen to me new blood."

My cheeks feel hot, hopefully Vilkas thinks it's just from sweating. "Coy or cocky? Sounds like a little hypocritical," I think to myself.

"Where were you?" He says in a low growl.

"Fine," I sat while taking a deep breath, "if you really are so desperate to know, I was with your brother."

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