chapter six: the new blood

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After a few weeks of reading the colossal tower of books Vilkas had recommended to me, I had finally finished them all. Vilkas ended up quizzing me on every book before I returned it to him, and if I didn't pass his quiz, he would insist that I reread the entire book from the beginning.

I had sat outside in the courtyard of Jorrvaskr on a bench. The breeze was slightly cool and the sun was bright and warm. I close my eyes to take in the true, utter beauty of the weather, and my peace is interrupted when I begin to hear a loud thud and clang. I open my eyes to see Farkas practicing with his new long sword on one of the dummies.

My cheeks felt red hot as I saw he was practicing without a shirt on, which is something I had never seen him do before. The way he swiped back his long hair from his face, and the way sweat slowly dripped and trickled down his defined chest and rolled to his- Talos, what am I thinking! He must thinking I'm gawking at him... because I am! I am completely staring at a hot, sweaty man with my cheeks red and my mouth slightly open.

I look away as I snap out of my daze but it's too late. I hear Farkas snicker confidently and yells to me, "enjoying the show?"

Before I can try to defend myself, or try and make a joke about it, Vilkas strides into my vision and walks closer towards me. I see Farkas twiddle with his hair as he makes a stern face towards his brother.

"Y/N, Aela said she needs you immediately." Vilkas says seriously.

"Oh," I mutter as I stand up, "is something wrong?" I sneak another look at Farkas who was demolishing the practice dummy.

Vilkas notices and steps to the side to block my view from his brother. "I'm not sure, she said she had to talk to us both." He says grimly.

• • •

It turned out that Aela just had a simple job, but Vilkas made it seem much more dire than it really was. Aela stated that Vilkas could join me if I wanted, but I told him that I work better by myself. Aela smirked at this and patted me roughly on the shoulder before she walked away. Vilkas seemed somewhat hurt at the comment, but I assured him that it wasn't personal.

The job turned out a small quarrel that led to a drunken Whiterun guard looking for a beautiful woman, and after a long list of random events and people blaming other people, I somehow ended up busting some illegal underground skooma operation that was mixing a large amount of skooma in with sweetrolls.

All in a days work I suppose. Although the people running the operation had some weird poison on their weapons that made my muscles  scream and ache the entire way back to Jorrvaskr. I had definitely been in worse shape, but the raw cuts on my arm certainly stood out.

When I finally arrived to Jorrvaskr, Aela had already heard what happened, and she tossed me the small amount of money I had earned after asking if I was alright. I just quickly nodded and Aela gave a stoic nod in return. She had much more faith in my strength than I did myself.

I sit down on the bench by the entrance for just a moment to look over my wounds. Most of them were fairly minor, except for one of my forearm that was an alarmingly odd color and stung worse than the other cuts.

I hear worried footsteps come closer to me, and I look up to see Vilkas with a pale expression of complete concern on his face. He looks like a overly protective mother as he inspects my arm.

"I read about this." He says in a hushed tone. "Does it sting?"

"Vilkas." I say monotonously. His eyes perk up with curiosity and worry of what I was about to say. "I am fine. Why are so worried?"

"I can make it stop stinging, please let me." He begs, which is odd that he would be begging to heal me. Was he really this worried about me?

• • •

We are in his room; I sit on his bed as he mixes up some kind of concoction for the mysterious cut on my arm. He brings it over as he sits next to me. He takes my arm with the utmost gentleness, and he looks me deep in the eyes as he quickly mentions, "this will sting for a bit, but then it will be over." I nod and he begins to pour the potion on the cut.

I can't help but to squeak, and groan at the stinging and tingling in the cut. Once Vilkas was done pouring the medicine, he grabs my arm once more and is focused on my array of cuts and nicks that danced across it. Little did he realize that we was slowly inching closer to my face, and as he lifted his head back up and away from my arm, we were just inches away from each other lips.

With a loud bang, Vilkas's bedroom door slams open and we both jump away from each other and look up at the intruder. It was Farkas who still didn't have a shirt on for some reason, and his face was overflowing with worry.

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