Chapter 62

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What? Don't be surprised when he hurts you again? That makes no sense. Why would Taylor say that? Forget about it Sky. It's Taylor talking- he's weird, you know that.

"Babe? You okay? Taylor looked kinda mad coming out of here" Matt says as he enters the room.

"Yeah I'm fine. He's acting really weird"

"You look like shit" he says bluntly

"Wow, thanks Matt" I say annoyed

"You're still insanely beautiful. I just mean, you look really tired and your hair looks kinda 'birds nesty'"

"That's not a word"

"Why don't I take over here and you go take a shower or something?"

"Are you saying I smell too?"

"No! Babe, I didn't mean that. Okay let me start again" He says leaving the room. He enters a few seconds later. "Hey beautiful" He says wrapping his arms around me.

"That's better" I smile. He leans in and pecks my lips quickly. "I should go get ready"

"Okay babe, I'll take care of this" He smiles letting me go. I run out of the room and up the stairs. I turn on the shower and jump in. I wash my hair and body and jump out. I wrap my hair a body in a towel and step out into my room.

I put on my purple dressing gown and sit down at my mirror. I brush my hair out and begin to dry it. I then straighten my long blonde hair and move onto my makeup- mascara, light foundation and a bit of lip gloss. Outift choice next. I decide on a white tight 3/4 sleeved top tucked into my white skirt with a purple flower print on it. I put on some brown sandals along with it. Hopefully Matt will like it.

I make my way downstairs through the lounge to the kitchen. I am stopped on my way by Gilinsky.

"Hey Sky. You look really nice"

"Thanks" I say bluntly. I'm still annoyed at him for earlier.

"I wanted to say sorry about before. I know it's not my place to intrude in your relationships and I'm sorry that I said Matt could do better."

"You didn't say that"

"Oh shit"

"You said that to Matt didn't you? When you called him for me- it wasn't to get Matt to talk to me again was it?"

"I just think you should be with Taylor that's all"


"I don't know. Just don't be surpised if Matt hurts you again." He says going upstairs. I shake my head and go into the kitchen.

"Do you know how to turn this thing off?" Matt says keeping his back to me.

"Just turn the dial to face 0" I say leaning round him to do it for him.

"Thank you" He says, only just turning around. "Wow"

"Do I look alright?"

"You look absolutely fantastic"

"Thanks hun" I laugh, flipping my hair.

"That hair flip turns me on so much"

"Matthew" I say sternly

"I know! I'm sorry. I know you don't want to do that kind of thing yet and I respect that. I'll wait for you."

"Thank you" I say kissing him

"Can you finish this and I'll go get changed?"

"Sure thang" I laugh. He kisses me again and walks out of the room to get changed. I put the food on 4 different plates and place them on the table.

"GUYS! FOOD" I shout and they all come running in.

"Thanks Sky! Woah you look good" Hayes says sitting down at his seat.

"Why thank you kind sir" I say jokingly.

"This food is almost as good as you look" Jack Johnson laughs.

"Stop flirting with me gosh" I say dramatically.

"I just can't control myself" Jack says continuing with the joke.

"Get a room jees" Nash laughs
"Maybe we will" Jack winks

"Ew gross" I laugh "I'm taken ladies" I say sarcastically.

"Taken by me" Matt says kissing my shoulder from behind. "Hey beautiful" He whispers.

"Hey hottie" I say spinning and he puts his hands on my hips.

"You ready to go?"

"Where are we going?"

"I was thinking McDonalds"

"Dude! That's not cool" Hayes says

"I'm joking- I know you don't like posh restaurants but have you actually ever been to one?"


"Please, just let me change your mind"

"Fine- where are we going?"

"It's called Benjamin's"


"Yeah, it's not too far"

"Ergh fine"

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