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Third Person's POV


no one can escape reality.

it must have been so hard being alone. facing it all by yourself

he created a reality of his own.

his own book

his own journey

completely opposite to the one he truthfully experienced

but it was simply ruined by the truth.

the truth, that no one can bend reality.

truth hurts they always say.

jeongin keeps on fidgeting his hands thinking on how to escape. reality ofcourse. i think once and for all.

a man entered the room and saw jeongin sitting at the edge of the bed.

he went to the medicines beside the bed and went for jeongin

"come on now jeongin, this will only hurt a little bit"

"no! i dont wanna!" jeongin shouted and started to move backwards, trying to avoid him.

"but this is for your own good. it can make you better" the man pleading for jeongin to obey

"you're lying! i've been in this room for years now and i'm not even close to getting better"

the man dropped the syringe from where he got it and left the room. leaving jeongin in a curled position with his hands on his head and him laughing abruptly. his emotions quickly changing. clearly he has no control of it.

jeongin now lies on the bed again his eyes fixicated on the ceiling, trying to get back on his own reality.

but sadly, he cannot.

jeongin now starts to hurts himself, outrageously.

memories having a rerun on his head. the moments that he truly hated.

jeongin continuously hurts himself until the door opens revealing the man from before coming in and went beside jeongin.

engulfing him in a hug

"shhhhhh. jeongin, everything will be fine" the man said and started caressing jeongin's back.

jeongin just cried out like there's no tomorrow then calmed down.

he eyed the man and gave him a weak smile and asked a question

"when are they coming back?"

the lets out a sigh and replied

"but jeongin,,, i told you already........ no one's coming back"

jeongin is distressed but not surprised on what he heard.

he already knew what was the answer to his question but he tried asking again, expecting for a different response. but oh well.

"you already knew the answer do you? the man said

jeongin just shook his head

"but you cannot change the things that has happened in the past" the man told jeongin and gave him a hug before going out

jeongin tries his best to remember the memories and just lets it play again in his mind

the day that he made his parents give him a visit... but it was only a dream. the truth is they're dead. but jeongin having a wild imagination made it looked like a visit from heaven to earth. his parents died due to a car crash. when he got the news, it that made his heart dropped. it was the start of the so called thing depression.

the memories gave jeongin another reason to cry again but he braved it out and let the memories play again.

the moments that his brother was so gentle and caring, but that was only a vision. his brother was never gentle nor caring.
it was completely the opposite.

he never cared about jeongin, he just cared about himself.

he was so selfish.

not thinking about a damn about what happened to his parents or the effects that will be brought to his brother.

when he saw what was happening to jeongin, he knew he couldn't care less. so he just left him in this facility.

jeongin just smiled bitterly. he knew he didn't do anything wrong but to love his brother wholeheartedly. it made him think about it.

is caring a curse?

then the most awaited part plays.


hyunjin gave him hope.

he made his own story a cliché one.

jeongin started the story and made himself the rising action.

hyunjin was the climax.

but the falling action? it was his fantasy crumbling down into nothingness and hyunjin disappearing with it.

that's right

you read it right.

hyunjin was nothing but a fragment of his imagination. the character that he created to be his shining light is at the same time his blackhole.

jeongin unknowingly lets out a tear of sea.

he look's at the clock stating 12mn

jeongin went out of the room and then heads to the elevator. "roft" he pressed

as soon as the door opened, he was welcomed by a strong cold breeze of air.

he slowly walked towards the rooftop of the building and then shouted


he felt relieved. even for a little bit. atleast a small portion of his resentment was released into the cold thin air.

but he knew that wasn't enough.

he just wants it to end.... permanently

he now walks up the fence and is now on the edge of the building

inhale. exhale.

he closed his eyes

then smiled softly

and as the air blew

he lets his body fall.

jeongin knew that he couldn't do anything in his current state. making another one of his fantasies cannot save him from reality anymore.

he just wants to end it all.

he guessed suicide is the answer.

jeongin's thoughts was submerged by the warmthness of his thoughts.

"i guess my nirvana, is me, disappearing from this world"

so this is it guys! this is the end of warmth. i'd like to say thank you to everyone who liked and supported this story. so how was the twist? i'd like to hear your feedbacks. but anyways, until the next story!

start: 5/11/2018
end: 11/17/2019, 2:33 am

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