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i woke up as the morning's sun rays had hit my face. i look at the time and it is already 8 in the morning. while still in bed doing nothing, i heard a beeping sound coming from my phone. i picked my phone, unlock it and clickes the message app. it was a text from Mr. Park

Mr. Park
Good Morning Jeongin, i've told Hyunjin to come to your house later to start the tutoring session. Since you two are neighbors, there will be no hussle. Thank you for agreeing on tutoring Hyunjin. Don't worry you'll have extra credits on your grade. He will be at your house later at 1.

as soon as i read the message. i had the feeling that this day is not going to be a good. what if he bullies me even tho im in my own house. many other thoughts came across my mind, but it was ceased by a knock on my bedroom door

"uhm jeongin? are you up?" woojin asked from the other side

"yeah. i just woke up"

"i prepared breakfast, come downstairs and eat with me"

"okie, be there in a jiffy"

i got out of bed, wore my slippers and fixed my bed. after that i went downstairs to eat breakfast. in the middle of eating breakfast, my brother woojin started to speak

"i heard that you'll be tutoring someone today" he said

"yes thats right. how did you know" i asked curiously

"your teacher texted me" he replied

i just made an "oohhhhh" face as a reply

"so who will you be tutoring then"

"hyunjin" i replied as i felt that im starting to lose my appetite

"i think i'll be cancelling my plans for today"

"why?" i asked

"to be here with you, to keep an eye out on hyunjin so that he doesnt hurt you, not in this house. no fights will occur in this place, not on my watch"

i laughed at my brother woojin as his mother and protective side is kicking in.

"i'll be fine. im in my house. this house is a safe haven for me. so go get your plans done"

"okay. but if anything happens, just text or call me. i'll be back here as fast as flash" he said

i just nodded and finished my breakfast. it was 11:30 when woojin waved goodbye to me. 1 hour and 30 minutes until hyunjin arrives. i cleaned the house first, arranging everything before i went in the bathroom to take a bath. after that, i dried myseld up and slid on some clothes. i slid on some jeans and a shirt and on top of it i wore my black hoodie. recalling the moment where i woke up at school wearing my black hoodie. it was the time when i accidentaly slept on the locker room after i was told to run extra laps and clean the field afterwards and a note was attach to my bag. going back to reality, i picked up the books that we are gonna use for the tutoring and picked up the questionnaires i made for him answer. i went down to place the things in the living until some rang the doorbell. i opened the door, revealing a good looking Hyunjin (oof what did i say?) he s wearing his school bag and he is carrying some sort of cake. but i just keep on staring at him, what is this that i am feeling?

"are you going to let me in? because i may not. you keep on staring at me maybe later i'll turn into a puddle of water" he said and chuckled

what. what? did he just chuckle? this is the first time for me

"oh sorry, come on in" he walked up inside and i closed the door (praying that this goes well)

"here, my mom made you a cake. i think this is a thank you gift for you tutoring me"

i get the hold of it and went in the kitchen to put it in the refrigerator.

"i thought this was an apology cake for all the bullying, the scars, the tears that you gave me" i murmured it to myself and went back into the living.

he was already sitting at the couch comfortably. i sat on the couch with a distance from him. silence surrounded us for a couple of minutes until he broke it

"sooooo, where do we start" he said

after an hour and a half of tutoring him i gave him the questionnaires i made and let him answer it. after he was done answering it, i checked the paper and told him the result

"if i were a teacher, i'll give you a B for this"

"thats great man, thanks"

silence surrounded us again until it was broken again by my stomach grumbling

"i guess someones hungry" hyunjin smiles

did he just freaking smiled?! is he just being nice to me because he is inside my house? i feel like im being faked. i dont trust him

"yeah, obviously" whispering only the obviously part. we both went inside the kitchen and get the cake out of the refrigerator. the cake is a blueberry cheesecake. just by looking at it, i think im already full. i got a knife and sliced the cake. we ate in silence until a question popped inside my mind. my gut telling me to ask it to hyunjin but my mind is saying no.

"you look confused, is something bothering you?" hyunjin asked

"yeah, there is someone actually"

"who is it?" he asked


he didnt answer and just looked at his food

"why do you hate me so much"

helloooooooolll. i think this chapter is lame im so sorry :^( -ian

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