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Hwang Hyunjin's POV

"why do you hate me so much"

that question repeated over and over again in my head. so i just have to tell him the reason

"because i just want to get---" i was cut off by someone opening the front door

"hey jeongin, im home"

a man entered the kitchen, i think he is at his 20's. he has a nice body, i think he has abs. oooffff what am i thinking, i only got eyes on jeongin. i watched as jeongin approached the man and hugged him tight. is he jeongin's boyfriend? i felt my heart ached. i want a hug too, i want to feel the warmth, especially coming from you. wait if that is jeongin's boyfriend, then maybe jeongin is gay? many questions are forming again inside my head

"who is he?" i heard the older asked jeongin

"ohhhh yeah i forgot. woojin this is hyunjin the one i am tutoring, hyunjin this woojin my big bro" jeongin explained

when i heard the word "big bro" i felt my heart jumped in happiness. i still have a chance

"nice meeting you, sir" extending out my hand. expecting a hand shake. i felt relieved when the older took my hand

"so youre hyunjin" he said without any trace of liveliness in his voice. i felt his eyes fixicated on me. i feel like i want the earth to swallow me. i got uncomfortable and i think jeongin noticed it.

"hey woojinie, can i talk to you in the living room?" the younger said

"yeah sure" and they want out to the living room

i was left alone in the kitchen. i feel like shit

Woojin's POV

"what do you want to talk about?" i asked the younger

"can you please stop staring at him like you want to hurt him or something? its very uncomfortable for him" he said

"why? he deserves to be beaten up you know. like the time you always feel uncomfortable at school because you dont know when he will strike you. and why are you being nice to him? he doesnt deserve any of the kindness, especially from you" i retorted back

"every people deserves kindness" he said

uuugghhh, why do i have a cute brother who is so innocent and caring.

"uh yeah, but not him" i replied

"why is he even nice? i thought he's a bully? or maybe he's just pretending to be nice because he is at our home" i said

jeongin just rolled his eyes and i just laughed at the younger. i noticed hyunjin entering the living room

"uhhhmmmm, i got to go. its getting late. thank you for helping me in english. byeee see you at school jeongin" he waved goodbye at us and smiled. i saw jeongin wave back and smiled and..... and ..... did i just see him blush?

Yang Jeongin's POV

i woke up at the sound of my alarm clock. i turned it off and stay in bed for a few minutes before i got up and fixed my bed. i went in the bathroom to take a bath after that i dried myself up and slipped on clothes. after that i fixed my things for school and went downstairs. eventho im just in the stairs i can already smell breakfast. i quickly placed my bag on the living room couch and went inside the kitchen. seeing my brother cooking. he placed a plate full of pancake and bacon. after we eat breakfast, he dropped me off to school, waved him goodbye and went in. just as i was about to enter at the school's main building, i saw hyunjin and his group waiting there. luckily i found seungmin who just entered the gate and clinged onto him.

"hi minnie, goodmorning" i greeted him joyfully

"goodmorning too jeongin" he greeted

we walked past hyunjin and his group safely, thank God. nothing bad happened to me, but i can feel his eyes following us, but i just shrugged it off. we went to our lockers to get the things we needed for our subject. after i put on the combination and opened my lock, i saw letter on top of one of my books. i think someone slipped this on or maybe someone just put i there accidentaly

"ohhh jeonginnie what is that?" eyeing the letter on my hand

"i dont know, maybe someone placed it on my locker accidentaly" i replied

"ohhhhh. baby jeongin has a secret admirer" he teased

"ohhhh sush it minnie"

"what are you waiting for, c'mon lets open it" he said excitedly

i hope this isnt some kind of prank or death threat. just kidding. after i opened it, i was surprised. it was a poem

for the very first time i saw you
my heart skipped a beat
i dont know what this feeling meant
but boy, my heart is sailing like a fleet

hello agaiiiiiiiinnnnnnn. do you like it? hahahaha - ian

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