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"friends it is" he said and then smiled

that smile..... its making me....... oml. i dont know what to do. my heart is beating fast. what am i feeling?

after that the bell ranged signalling the resume of classes in the afternoon. we stood up, returned our trays and go out the cafeteria. after that we departed ways with minho and chan because they have a different class and schedule. while walking in the hall, i forgot something in my locker

"hey guys, you can go ahead. i need to go back to my locker" i said

"oh okay, sure. be sure to be fast jeonginnie so that you'll not be late" seungmin said. and i just nodded in reply. i ran as fast as i could to my locker but to my suprise i bumped into a student and i fell down

"hey! watch where your going loser" the student said

"im very so sorry, its becaus---

i felt a strong kick hitting me in the stomach, as i felt pain, and i can feel the food rising from the lunch i just ate forcing me to puke but i got the hold of it. i just lay down on the ground waiting for the pain to go away.

"yah! leave him alone"

i just lay on the ground as i heard feet running and soon it disappeared. i felt hands helping me to get up and looked up to the person to see who it was. it was hyunjin

"are you alright? do you want me to get you to the school clinic?" he asked

"no, its okay. im fine"
"wait, why are you here? i thought you were with the guys going to the classroom"

he didnt answer. i quickly get to my locker, pick up the things i needed for my subject as hyunjin just looking at me. while picking up my things, i saw a bar of chocolate in between of one of my books.

"who's this from?" i murmured to myself. i just left it inside my locker and closed it. i went to where hyunjin is standing, held his hand and run in the direction of our classroom. i cant afford to be late, not even once. when we got into the classroom, thank goodness there wasnt any teacher yet. i walked up to seungmin

"oh my god, what the hell happened to you? why do you have a foot mark on your uniform?" he asked. he saw hyunjin walking in and he began walking towards him

"hey you! what did you do to my friend?" seungmin nearly shouting at hyunjin. i quickly went to seungmin's side and pull him back to our chair

"wait till i get my hands on him" seungmin said with gritted teeth

"actually....... he helped me"

"wait, what?" seungmin was like °○°

"yeeeeep he helped me. i was running to my locker to get to my things when i bumped with a student. i was saying sorry when i was cut off because he kicked me and i was just like lying on the ground waiting for the pain to go away. when hyunjin came up and scared the student off" i explained

seungmin was about to say something when he was cut off by the teacher entering the classroom. ~~fast forward to the last subject~~

its the last subject, still there is no sign of a teacher entering the classroom. my eye caught hyunjin leaving the classroom

"seungminnie, i'll just go to bathroom"

"yeah okay" was his only reply because he was busy doing a homework. i quickly went out to find him, i saw him walking through the hall, so i ran up to him and walk beside him

"why are you here?" hyunjin asked

"because i want to thank you for saving me a little while ago" i replied

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