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Yang Jeongin's POV

is this a dream?

i thought to myself.

hyunjin said he likes me too.

the day went great. the whole afternoon was me thinking about what hyunjin said at lunch time.

the bell rang and class ends for today.

but me? still into my own world.

"hey jeongin" someone tapped me

"uhh--" i went back to reality and saw hyunjin beside me

"seungmin said he will go ahead because he has errands to run" hyunjin said

i just shook my head and went to pack up my things.

"do you wanna walk home together? i mean were neighbors afterall" he said and smiled

did he really asked me to walk with him? oH GOD ♡.♡

we went out of school together, walking side-by-side in silence. but it was cut-off by my phone buzzing

a message from woojin-hyung

hey bud, i might go home late cuz i have something else to do. you can eat outside if you want, sorry if i can't make you dinner like we always to. but i'll make it up to you. luv ü bud, take care ♡

"who's that?" hyunjin asked

"it was woojin-hyung, he said he might go home late" i explained
"i hate being alone" i mumbled to myself

"do mind if i keep you company?"

i was caught off-guard with that question.

"but what about the things that you want to do?" i asked him

"keeping you campany is what i want to do" he answered

"ohhhh" my face started to turn red. oH MAN he really is asdfghjkl

silence surrounded us for minutes. but it was cut-off by my tummy growling

hyunjin laughed then said

"do you want to grab something to eat? i know a place"

i shook my head in response then hyunjin grabbed my hand and started to walk towards the place we'll eat

we arrived at ☆°skz cafe°☆

we went up to the counter and saw Chan-hyung and Minho-hyung

"nice seeing you here, hyunjin" chan and minho said in unison. they looked at each other and chuckled

"hi hyung! i brought someone along with me" hyunjin said

"oh if it isn't jeongin, hi there" chan greeted me
"ooohhhhh" said minho and eyed hyunjin

hyunjin blushed.

"hahaha enough of it. so what can we get you both?" chan asked

"i"ll get a double-patty hamburger and oreo frappe please" hyunjin said and asked me
"how 'bout you jeongin? order anything you want, it's on me"

"uhm, i'll take what you took too" i replied

"so the orders wil be 2 double-patty hamburgers and 2 oreo frappes, coming right up" chan said

chan told the workers behind the kitchen the orders. after 15 minutes, our orders came.

"table 9. your 2 double-patty hamburger and 2 oreo frappes are here. eat well"

"i'll get it" hyunjin said and ran towards the counter then arrived again with the our order.

almost an hour passed when we finished eating. we took the time to talk about many things. i learned that we almost had the same likes and dislikes and others too.

"let's go, jeongin?"

just as i was about to stand up

i felt dizzy, almost falling down

"woah, are you alright?" hyunjin assisting me to stand up

"yeah im fine. shall we go then?" i said

we walked home together, as the sun started to go down.

we stopped at a playground near our neighborhood and sat at the swings

after minutes of admiring the sunset, hyunjin got up and walked towards me

"i still remember the day when i first saw you"

"when you caught my attention"

"the day that you captured my heart"

i can't believe what i'm hearing right now. is hyunjin confessing?

"yes jeongin. i'm confessing right now" hyunjin said

did he just read my mind?

hyunjin walked towards me and ingulfed me in a hug.

a hug which i can feel his warmth.

warmth of being loved and appreciated.

an affection that only this moment i can feel.

can this last till the end?

as soon as i opened my eyes, the surroundings was filled with black entities that cannot be explained.

and hyunjin---

started to vanish.

the world that i now stand up , starts to disappear.

then darkness consumed me


i woke up in a room, in a bed; with medicines beside me.

was it all a dream?

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