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oh no. it was Hyunjin.

he was just at a table behind us. was he eavesdropping? i saw his eyes..... and it was glaring at us, but seungmin doesnt even know, or maybe because he was just glaring at me? why me? his glaring stopped when people arrived at his table and sat. wow, he is even friends with the seniors. he's friends with senior Bang Chan and Lee Minho and is friends with Lee Felix, Seo Changbin and Han Jisung. i felt that every student at the cafeteria were looking at them. well you got a star-studded table there who has the visuals and talent. but that doesnt relieve me the fact that Hwang Hyunjin was just glaring at me. G L A R I N G A T M E.

"oh boy" i said to myself

im scared. what if he's planning something right now, like hurting me. what if he wants to embarass me infront of the students here inside the cafeteria. im sure the students won't mind, they don't care about a student who's simple, especially a nerd too.

"seungminnie, do you mind if i go ahead?" trying to excuse myself

"yeah sure, i don't mind" seungmin replied

"oh okay, see you in class" and waved at him and he just waved back at me

i was going to walk out of the cafeteria when i tripped ... or someone tripped me. i looked at the person who tripped me, and it was Hyunjin. he's just smirking at me. i felt everyone's eyes looking at me. at that moment, i wanted to cry myself out of embarassment. when i was about to cry, someone helped me in getting up.

"hey, are you alright? are you hurt?"

it was seungmin.

"y-yeaah. im fine" i replied. well i lied

"do you mind if we both go together" he asked

i just nodded

we both walked out of the cafeteria. i can still feel everyone's eyes looking at us, especially Hyunjin's. i can feel that he's looking at us intensely.

when we got out of the cafeteria, we went to a place far from it with no other people other than us. i cried myself out to seungmin.

Hwang Hyunjin's POV

"why do have to do the that?" chan asked

"poor boy" minho said

"is it necessary to do that?" jisung asks

"what did that poor boy do to you?" felix says

"yeeeeaah, i mean he looks too innocent to do something bad. it seems that he can't even hurt a fly" changbin said

pssssshhh. can they stop asking?

"naaaaah, i just feel like it" i replied

"i just feel like it" felix mimicked me

"hey man, whats your problem" i nearly shouted that to the entire cafeteria but i just kept my cool

"woaaaah. chill man. dont need to get really upset" said Chan

i stood up and walked away. i just feel like walking around. i walk past the empty hallways, my foot steps echoing. i feel like going to the rooftop to get some air. just as i was about at the 4th floor. i stopped.

do i hear someone crying?

Yang Jeongin's POV

°°°°°°°°after hours°°°°°°°°

it was the last subject. our last subject is PE. i went to my locker, got my stuff and proceeded to the Gym. i went inside the gym's locker room and changed into my PE uniform. i am wearing a white shirt and black shorts paired with white shoes. i went outside and meet with seungmin and went to the field. all we did was to learn the basics about soccer. well i already know the basics of soccer, so it was just easy for me to do it. surprisingly, Seungmin's good in soccer, very good at soccer. i looked around the field and saw students playing. i saw Hyunjin playing with his friends a-and wow, he's good at soccer, i mean really good. better than seungmin (oops). he's fast because he can outrun his playmates and he is skillwise too. i was so busy admiring him i didnt notice that our teacher was already shouting at me

"yaaaah! jeongin are you even listening?!" our teacher yelled at me

"oh uhm, sorry"

"in that case, run around the field 10 times, oh no wait, make it 20 and after that clean up the field"

ugggghhhh, there's nothing i can do but to follow. after finishing everything i went inside the locker room and sat beside my bag. i noticed seungmin already went home.

i was comforted by the cold air coming from the ac. im feeling a bit sleepy. after minutes i fell asleep. i was awoke when i felt someone nudging me.

"hey kid, its already 6 in the evening. are you not going home?" said the guard

"oh im sorry"

i was about to pick up my bag when i noticed something sticking on it. it was a piece of paper

make use of your hoodie, loser
                                   - :^)

that's when i realized i was already wearing my hoodie

helolololololololoo - ian

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