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it is already lunchtime but still my mind is still afloat. my mind is still thinking about that poem. maybe someone placed it accidentaly on my locker or maybe..... it was really for me. ugggghhhhh

"hey stop drooling and start chewing" seungmin said while eating

"i cant"

"cat got your tongue?" he said while giggling

"ha ha ha very funny" i replied
"i just cant get that poem out of my head" i said while covering up my face

"i think someone likes you. and i think that someone.... likes you a long time"

"do you think so?"

"yes. im sure of it" seungmin replied and smiled

im thankful that i got a bestfriend who understand and help me a lot. our conversation stopped when a group of 6 stood beside our table

"sorry for interrupting, but can we sit here?" we looked to see who it was. It was Bang Chan a senior student in our school. so that means........

"why tho? there are many tables available, why sit beside us?" seungmin retorted

"well, as you can see, all the tables have been occupied and yours is the only one who has a vacant space" it was Jisung who said that
"oh and hi there jeongin" he greeted me while waving his hand and smiling. i greeted him while smiling

"tell your friend first to stop bullying my friend" seungmin said while eyeing Hyunjin

"oh believe me, he'll stop" Minho said and smiled. he is Lee Minho, another senior student. seungmin just nods, signalling them to sit. they occupied the seats fast leaving a space at my side and hyunjin is the last one to sit. hyunjin sits beside me, he looked at me first before digging in with his food. wow this is awkward. i look at the people i am with in the table, and they are all smiling at each other, well except for seungmin that is, he is busy eating his lunch. awkwardness surrounded us until felix talked to cut it

"hey, we are in thesame class, right?" talking to me and seungmin

"uhhhm, i dont know, sorry" i answered shyly

"yeeeep, why?" seungmin replied

"really? wow, i didnt know that"

"because you never look at the back of the class or any students and you never talk to anyone besides me" seungmin retorted

seungmin was right. seungmin was the only friend that i have. eversince hyunjin bullied me, i isolated myself from people. but seungmin came it all changed. he was like my knight in shining armor. saving me when i was drowning in my own thoughts.

"yeah, sorry" i replied

"why are you saying sorry? you didnt do anything wrong" i recognized that voice. it was Han Jisung. my reply was only a smile.

"as i was saying, since we are classmates. like can we be friends? like we should hangout more?" felix said

"yeah sureee. that will be fun" seungmin and i said it in unison. we both laughed at each other.

"yay whoooo" felix said while shouting. changbin wrapped his hands around felix's mouth to keep him from shouting.

"so can we like start over and introduce ourselves?" Minho said

"sure sure" and i clasp my hands in delight

"ill start first. Hello I'm Bang Chan, im a senior student and i like playing sports"

"my name is Lee Minho, im a senior student like chan infact we are classmates and i like dancing"

"i am Seo Changbin, im in the same class with you and i like dark"

"im Lee Felix, yes we are classmates and i like to dance too"

"hi my name is Han Jisung. we are in thesame class too and i like to rap"

"my name is Kim Seungmin and i like to sing"

"my name is Yang Jeongin and i like to study"

we all shake hands to one another and now we are friends

"hey jinnie, you havent introduce yourself" jisung said

"oh yeah right, sorry. im Hwang Hyunjin and i like to play soccer and dance"

after introducing himself, he turned to me

"hey im sorry for the bad things i did to you and i hope we can be friends" after that he offered his hand and i took it and shake it

"friends it is" he said and then smiled

hello helloooooo. did you like it? hehehe - ian

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