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Yang Jeongin's POV


I woke up sweating and panting hard. I think I just had a nightmare. The last thing I recall is that I was in a room, not just any room but a room that is used for people who has mental disorder. They were injecting me something and medicines were beside my bed.....

I looked at the clock and it was monday - 3:30 in the morning.

I sighed.

What was that all about?

Why did I had that kind of nightmare?

I tried sleeping again but I just can't. I can't help but to think of it.

"oh well, might as well get up and do something"

I got out of bed and went downstairs. It was still dark. I turned on the lights in living room and sat down on the couch. I thought of that instead of waiting for the time, i thought of doing something. I turned on the tv and looked for a movie to watch, luckily the movie is just startint and it was love rosie that is playing in the movie channel. I went to the kitchen and grabbed some snacks to eat and went back.....

the movie lasted for about an hour and a half

"the movie was so great *sob*" i said while crying a tear

"are you crying?" a voice behind me said. It was my brother, Woojin.

"no, i'm not" lying i said

"well, that's cute" he said while laughing lightly
"why are you watching a movie in this early morning?" he followed a question

"i had a nightmare, after that i can't go back to sleep. so I just went down and watched a movie" i said

"would you like to tell me about it?" he asked

"naah, i'd rather not" i answered

"alright, but always remember that if it starts to bother you, i'm always ready to listen" he said and smiled

"thank you!! :^)" and i hugged him......

"okay then. let's go to the kitchen and help me make our breakfast" woojin-hyung said.

After we made breakfast obviously we ate it and got ready for school. Woojin was going to take me to school but I declined. I said that i wanted to go to school using the bus... I started walking to nearest bus stop. it's just a few minutes walk only. i was walking when a hand patted my shoulder.... it was Hyunjin.

"goodmorning jeongin" he greeted me with a smile

oh god. he looks fine

"goodmorning to you too, hyunjin" i did the same

"why didnt woojin-hyung take you to school" he asked

"well he was about too but I declined. since i have alot of time to spare i thought of using the bus" i replied
"what about you? why didnt you use your car?" i asked hyunjin

"well..... same reason. i had alot of time to spare and i always use my car to go anywhere so i thought of using the public transportation once in a while" he replied

"oh okay. so that means we are going to school together" i said

"it looks like it" then he smilled

after minutes of talking about stuffs... the bus arrived and we went aboard it.

this day was just like any ordinary day. nothing special happened. except for that I realized that hyunjin has stopped bullying me and for the past days he's always so good to me. i hope that it stays that way because it really suits him.

it makes him look like an angel.

my angel

hellloooooo theeere!! im back a  year 😁😁😁 sorry for the very long update. hoped you like it :^) ian out~

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