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my alarm went on and i realizes that it is already morning. i switched off my alarm and looked at it, 6:30 am. i heard a knock on the door and turned to look at it

"hey jeongin, wake up! youre gonna be late for school, get ready and go downstairs im preparing breakfast"

it was my brother Woojin, he surely acts like a mom haha i quickly got up and fixed my bed. i entered the bathroom to take a bath. as soon as im done, i dried myself up and put on my clothes. a plain white shirt and a black pants and slid on a white shoes. i carried a black hoodie just in case it gets cold in the classroom. after im done organizing my stuffs, i picked up my bag and go downstairs. i placed my bag in the living room and run into the kitchen. i sat at the table with my brother waiting

"wow you're fast" woojin said sarcastically and

"sorry" is the only thing i can say

"anyways, lets eat up"

and we began to eat........
in the middle of eating, i asked my brother

"where is mom and dad"

"they went on a business trip and i think they'll be back in a few months"

"ohhh okaaay" i said and continue eating

~~after 20 minutes~~

"hurry hurry we will be both late for school" woojin said

i picked my bag and ran inside the car. woojin turned on the engine and started driving. usually it only takes 30 minutes from our house to the school (if you are driving in a moderate speed) but woojin drove fast and it only took 15 minutes. woojin dropped me off at the entrance

"bye jeonginnie, see you later" woojin and said and left

i walked in the entrance and stopped at the midst

"here goes school" i whispered to myself

i was about to walk but i was pushed. i stumbled on the ground.

"beat it, loser" he said and walked past me

"well, that hurts" i said to myself

that was Hyunjin, the bully. he bullies me everyday, so that push was just normal. i got up and pretend that nothing happened. everyones eyes were looking at me but i didnt mind them. i went to my locker and picked up the stuffs i needed for my class. after that i went to my classroom. upon entering the classroom i was looking for someone, suprisingly he was already waving at me and motioning me to sit beside him

"hello seungmin, goodmorning" greeting him cheerfully

"hello jeongin, goodmorning" he greeted me back

the bell rang and our teacher went in for our first class

"hello class" he said

"goodmorning, Mr. Park"

just as Mr. Park was talking about the lesson, a figure was just at the door and opened it, it was Hyunjin.

"Late again Mr. Hwang"

he just nodded and went to his seat. his seat was in the far back. back to class, it went well tho. the bell rung meaning that it is already recess time. i was about to go out with seungmin when Mr. Park called me.

"hey jeongin, i need to speak to you"

"what is it Mr. Park"

"one of your classmate is failing 1 of his classes and i need you to tutor him. the subject will be english"

"who is it Mr. Park?" i asked

"that will be Hwang Hyunjin"

"w-why me? im sure there's someone who is glad to tutor him"

"why? are you not glad to tutor him? are you not glad that you can help your classmate? i asked for your help because you are the top 1 in this class. i have no other choice but to ask for your help"

i have nothing say.... well im about to, when Mr. Park interrupted

"well then, it's settled. You Mr. Yang Jeongin will be tutoring Hwang Hyunjin. thank you for your cooperation" Mr. Park smiled and then left

i was left aghast of what just happened. me, tutoring him? shit. i quickly went out of the room and headed straight for the cafeteria. i found seungmin sitting on a table

"hey man, what took you so long? you dont look so good, what happened?"

i let out a deep sigh

"i'll get food first" i said to seungmin and head to the counter. i got myself a sandwich and coke and headed back to where seungmin is sitted.

"so now, tell me, what did Mr. Park told you?" seungmin asked

"i-i need to tutor hyunjin" i said softly

"w-wait what? say that again. hyunjin? the one who has been bullying you like since you got in highschool"

"y-yes, him"

"why tho? why do you need to tutor him?"

"Mr. Park said he is failing his english subject and he thinks i am the one who can help him because i am "the top 1" in class" i explained

"well that explains it. he bullies a lot but doesnt even study. i think he doesnt even have a strategy because he doesnt know whats the meaning of it" seungmin said and laughed

"hey you're mean. stop it" i said

"not as mean as him. he bullies you everyday, hurts you everyday. are you not getting tired of the bullying?"

i was going to say something when we were interrupted by a clear of throat. i turned around to see if who was it

oh no. it was Hyunjin.

hello ^.^ - ian

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