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Yang Jeongin's POV

"come on now, this will only hurt a little bit" a man said

"no! I don't want it!" i shouted back

I started to move but the man's companions grabbed me both in my arms and feet. The man moved towards me and injected me something. My vision started to blur and before i knew it, i was already falling asleep. it was a sleeping drug that he injected me.


i woke up wet. I must be sweating so hard in my sleep.

i just had another nightmare.

it's been days since i had my last nightmare

3:30 am. The clock displayed.

*sigh* another nightmare i mumbled. I tried my best not to think of it but i just can't. I just layed on my bed trying to go back to sleep. Luckily, i did go back to sleep.

i woke up at the sound of my alarm and i turned it off. i stretched out my body and got out of bed. i groomed myself up and went downstairs. Woojin-hyung was already sitting at the kitchen table. we ate breakfast and woojin-hyung drove me off to school. i met seungmin at the school entrance because it seems that he only just arrived in school

"hi there seungmin" i greeted him

"oh, hey there jeongin" he replied

we walked together and arrived at our classroom. since it's still early, we decided to talk about stuffs; stories, school stuffs, etc. students started to come in and fill up the classroom.

"i dont't know if you already noticed it but i think-

seungmin was interrupted by a presence beside. it was like a smiling angel... it was hyunjin.

"goodmorning seungmin and jeongin" hyunjin greeted us

"goodmorning too, hyunjin" seungmin and i said in unison

"uh, i asked jeongin's seatmate if i could exchange seats with her and she agreed"
"so now, i will be jeongin's seatmate too" he said

seungmin just smiled. a smile that has meaning, a smile that is teasing.

hyunjin sat down beside me. so the arrangement is like: hyunjin-me-seungmin.

minutes passed and class has started. subjects were done and the bell rang. it means it's already lunch time. seungmin and i decided to go the cafeteria. we got a table at the far left of the cafeteria. we decided to leave our things at the table and went to get our food. when we got back, hyunjin was already sitting at our table.

"uh hi, i told chan and the others that i will be eating with you guys. i saw you guys seat here so i followed. i can leave if you guys don't like me here. i mean it's okay" hyunjin said

"oh no it's fine, i like you here" i immediately replied

hyunjin smiled that his smile could reach his eyes and seungmin chuckled

"you like hyunjin, jeongin?" seungmin asked

it was the time that i would like the floor to swallow me up. i said the wrong thing

"i-i- i mean we like you here. we like having you around, we like your presence" i said while blushing

seungmin's face turned like to an oh and smiled that looks like he's teasing me

"oh no, jeongin, i like you too" says hyunjin

oh god? did i heard it correctly? he says that he likes me.

is this a dream?

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