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It feels like everything has slowed down in my body and everything in the cabin is at a standstill.

I don't know. I feel confused.
Pregnancy was something me and Raman have strived for so much previously.
A similar type of news some months back had been one of the greatest news for me and Raman.
But, now... I don't know.
I was told that it is impossible for me to conceive without medical intervention. But then how...?

I try to close my eyes for some time letting all of it sink in. But I am disturbed by the sudden shaking of the hands of Raman as we see a nurse hand Maaya the reports.

Me and Raman's eyes kept constantly moving from the report to Maaya's face hoping her facial expressions might reveal something or she might say something.

Our hearts were beating faster with every passing second that Maaya was taking to read the report.

At last, she lifted her head to find four eyes transfixed on her, maybe she could also feel that our heartbeats were at a halt and each second, Raman was just clenching my hand tighter.

"Ishita and Raman, Ishita could have been pregnant... but it seems that the conception process did not effect properly considering the medical history of Ishita as you know. Hence, I am sorry to say but Ishita has not been able to conceive this baby, but if she was on some sort of medical intervention right now Raman, she would have certainly been pregnant."

Me and Raman stare at each other for some time and I just find myself breaking down in his arms. I find myself in a state of mixed emotions, overwhelmed by a sort of relief but also burdened by a form of undefined grief.

Maaya prescribes some medicines for me and suggests I take some days off from work so that I can take some rest to recuperate my lost strength.

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