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After my presentation, he came to me and said, "It was a great presentation. It was a pleasure to meet you, Ms.... "

"Ms Vanshikha Mehra, Mr Bhalla, was a pleasure to meet you too sir. "

Mr Agarwal joined in saying "Mr Bhalla, she is a precious gem in our company and I'm sure she will not deny the offer to work in your multi billion company in India.
Vanshikha, Mr Bhalla is totally impressed by your work, he wants you to work for his most promising "Novelty Juice" packaging in India. He will monitor you for 2 weeks here before you fly to India for your biggest milestone. And I'm sure you know how bad declining this offer can be."

"Yes, sir, I'm pretty aware, but I'll need some time to provide you with an answer, I hope you do grant me some days if you don't mind, Mr Bhalla."

"Not more than a year", he jokingly added.

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