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Ishita puts Ishaan on the bed and goes to sit next to Raman on the sofa.
"Raman, listen, I know all this is hard for you but you have to understand it. This is the truth. I know I am to be blamed too because I did not inform you that I was pregnant but I was completely unknown to the fact that you thought that I was dead. All I could think was why you are not calling me or trying to find me at all. But Raman you have to surface above it. This is all we have now."

"Yes Ishita, I am trying hard. I have no worries about Ishaan being our son and you telling me about it now. I will love him as equally as I love Ruhi and Adi. The only thing bothering me is that I was not there for you when you needed me the most. I feel so guilty. Because of a small misunderstanding or confusion and my anger, I lost you but I can't bear to lose you ever again.
Listen Ishita, I promise from today, Ill love you so much. Ill try to be a better person each day only for you. I am so sorry Ishita. I know I am not worthy of your forgiveness, but try and forgive me. Ill never hurt you again Ishita, never."

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