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When I came home, everyone was gathered in the hall. Everyone's faces turned around me when I entered. Was everything alright ? Where is Ishima?

To my relief, Ishima and Papa came out of the room holding Ishaan in their hands. I left my bag with dadi while both Ishima and papa kneeled in front of me.

"Ruhi do you remember the gift that you always wanted Ishima to bring for you ?", Ishima asked.

I hesitated slightly but replied: "A little baby."

Papa then replied: "What if we tell you that dream of yours can be accomplished. You can finally have a little sibling?"

I jumped with joy thinking that Ishima could be pregnant.
But what Ishima said left me aghast.
How can Ishaan be my brother? I never saw ishima pregnant and why she never told us about it earlier?
But Ishima explained me the whole story in a very comprehensive way.
And Ishaan was finally placed into my arms. How cute he was.
Finally our family was complete. Everyone played with Ishaan immensely that night.

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