PART 31: ISHITA (Surprise update- post 2 weeks)

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I don't feel well this morning. My head feels heavy and my body weak. I refuse to tell Raman about my situation otherwise he will be excessively worried about just a minor sickness.
When I go downstairs I am unable to eat even half of my toast.
Maybe its just a minor sickness or the pre-effects of a fever.

I leave the home pale-faced, going at the doctor's before I reach the clinic.
While driving, I feel suddenly nauseous.
I stop the car twice to vomit. Maybe it's just a case of food poisoning.

At the clinic, my friend Dr. Maaya greets me. I am asked to do some tests, provide a blood sample and asked to wait.

After some 20 mins, I see Dr.Maaya approaching me. She looks worried. I ask her whether everything is fine. She manages a smile and nods. She calls me into her cabin and hands me something.

I take it and when I find out what it is, a fear rushes down my spine. No it just cant be.
I feel my eyes welling up with tears, my body starts shaking. I am shown the door of the washroom.
With my hands shaking, I pee on a stick.

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