Part 3: RUHI

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I am completely fed up now.

"I feel so hungry now", growls Adi bhaiya.

"I don't know what to say", Dadi sighs.

I rush into the kitchen, the counter full with flour doughs, drops of pizza sauce and chopped vegetables almost everywhere.
"Papa, this is your third attempt, please let me help you."

"No Ruhi, it's gonna be ready in fifteen minutes."

"Papa, you've been saying that since the last two hours."

Papa smiles widely and makes me sit on the kitchen counter.
The dough that he has placed on the oven tray is an unknown shape. I use my elementary cooking skills to make the shapeless dough a circle. Papa then gently spreads the pizza sauce on the dough and the grated cheese on it makes it definitely more appealing than it was before. We then place the tray into the oven and clean the kitchen while waiting for the pizza smell to fill the air.
Our starving bellies devour the late though delicious pizza.

Papa gets a call from office and he rushes to change and take his files.

Dadi smiles as he leaves. The last day we ever saw Papa angry was 7 or 8 months earlier, when one day he returned home all inebriated, breaking things and throwing all utensils down. It was two or three days after we saw ishimaa for the last time.

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