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I was in a state of either shock or excitement or fear, when Vanshikha informed me that Ishita would go back to India with us.
Upon asked, Vanshikha tells me that Ishita has been staying at her place since her first week in Australia.

I thank Vanshikha for her help, her support without whom I would never have met Ishita.
While leaving, I think about keeping Ishita's arrival a surprise, when..

I hear tiny sounds of a baby crying inside. I suddenly remember me and Ishita's baby, the baby we lost. Because of my ego and my extravagant love for 'my' baby, I lost Ishita, but I will not let this happen again,  Ishita will always be mine, from now on, forever and ever.

I leave, but, the question of whose baby is that crosses my mind. My eyes lit when an idea that this could be our baby travels through my mind, but it crumbles when Vanshikha informs me that it's her son.

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