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I wake up with the tiny whimper of Ishaan. I gently take him into my arms so as not to wake up aka.

He curls up like a ball of fur into my arms. I stare at aka. Her face seems so pale, she is no longer the blooming happy woman she used to be in her pictures back with her family in India.

I shift my gaze to Ishaan, his forehead and eyes are really that of Raman jiju's and his tiny nose that of Ruhi's and as aka says his anger similar to Adi's. The only thing that Ishaan has inherited from aka is her smile, that can brighten anyone's day.

Ishaan's perfect face and angelic smile has captured many hearts and made many forgotten their pain but the only thing he has failed to do is liberate aka from the pains she hides from everyone,  even from the son she dotes on.

One morning, I had managed to ask her whether she will go back to her home one day.

"Van, I know no would be a lie, I would go, but I will no longer be the same Ishita I used to be. This man that I have loved with all my heart has broken me miserably.

Our relationship certainly started because of Ruhi but with course of time it matured. We fell in blissful love and I felt it shifted from a Ruhi's relationship to a coupled accord.
At first, I was a mother to his children and later became his wife, but his love elevated me to where I became his love, his companion, his soulmate, his wife and then a mother to his children.
But I never guessed that a small misunderstanding, as I would term it, turned his warm affectionate love into a cold  meaningless emotion. A misunderstanding reduced me to a "stepmother" and a "barren woman", a moment he was unaware I was pregnant with his child.

Oh Vanshikha, it's all so complicated, but I think there are things more important than me going back to Raman right now". She had replied.

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