Chapter Seven

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Chapter 7: Fight night

I slowly cleared my throat; it felt as dry as the Sahara dessert. I heard my name being called but it sounded so far away. With my eyes closed I couldn't see anything, but trying to open them would be too much for me to handle.

Finally after a few minutes, the voice becoming louder, my eyes begin to flutter. Yes! Happy that I got some reaction to my body I slowly opened my eyes. My eyes roaming all around; I see the club doctor, Steven and finally Asher. All worried eyes looking at me. I clear my throat again trying to talk. The doctor hands me a plastic cup full of...water? I'm guessing.

Taking small sips I slowly began to feel better. "What happened?" I last thing I remember was getting a hit in against Salvore, from what I remember of the fight; he was pretty good.

"You were in a match against Salvore. You got a blow to the head, you were fine at the time but after the match you had started wobbling around and then you completely collapsed. Lucky doc was already waiting to check you out."

Oh, hmm that's the second time that's happened. I don't deal with blows to the head too well.

"Who won?" Apparently thinking out loud. One look at Steven tells me everything; it's a mix between awe and pride, it's that look all parents get at one point or another. "Congrats!" He says. I just nod and smile, I like it when I win; it makes me feel proud of myself.

After my moment I swivel my head to the doctor, "So what's the damage?" I'm guessing if I could look at myself I'd know but however able to move am still feeling quite fragile.

"You have a fractured wrist; it's only minor. A black eye, a few bruises here and there but that's it." Phew! Nothing major.

"Well that's great. Can I sit?" I ask. I usually like to check with the doc if I can move or not, I don't want to bring more pain and stiffness on myself. I see the doc check his watch and slowly nod. "Just take it easy."

I slowly lift myself up on my elbows as Steven tells the doctor "Oh, she will be. Alyssa I'm cutting back on your training for a couple weeks. Then we'll see how you are." He tells him while looking at me with that disagree-and-there-will-be-serious-consequences look in his eyes. Ugh. I begrudgingly nod. I hate slowing down on training, it makes me feel weak but I don't argue.

"Thanks doc." I say going to grab my bag; because my movements are stiff from laying on the cold concrete floor, Asher beats me to it and carries it over his shoulder. "I'll drive you home." He has a soft smile on is face, and somehow I can't bring myself to argue. I wave goodbye to Steven and the doc before walking out to the car with Asher.

The drive home was quiet and quick. I didn't even feel like I was there. I felt alone with my mind. And I don't know if that was good or not. I know that I desperately needed to sort myself out. To sort my feelings out. I wasn't sure what I should do about Asher, should I chance it or not?

I blinked up at Ash holding my door open. Taking a quick look around I saw we were parked and in front of my apartment. I slowly got out of the car, feeling disoriented I walking to my door. I took a look back at him leaning against the car but I couldn't look at him for long. I couldn't return his smile, not just yet anyway. I had to prepare myself.

I entered the apartment and went straight to the shower. A nice hot muscle-melting shower is what I need.

Returning to my room after my shower I flop onto my bed. I'm so tired but wired at the same time. Asher. Yes or no? Yay or nay? Agree or disagree? To love or to hate?

LOL, okay so I'm being a bit dramatic but it's a huge thing to think about. It's the biggest risk I may ever be presented with. I'm scared. There are just so many feelings rushing around inside of me; all positive, and all directed towards him. I could easily see myself falling for him, but will he be there to catch me? I've dated before but I've never cared. With him I care, and that's what scares me the most.

Suddenly a thought hits me. If Asher were "the one" or whatever and I let him pass me by would I get another chance at love. Or would I grow old and bitter because I was alone? Like my mother. No matter how bad of a mother she is I know she's lonely inside, and I'd hate for that to be me.

That's all it takes to convince me. Why not give love a try. When I finally look over at the clock I notice it's nearing 2 o'clock. Well I suppose it's a bit late but better late than never. I grab my phone of the side table and flick off a text to Asher.

To: Asher

Sent: 1.54am

Message: Thank you

I'm scared. No, I'm petrified. There I said it, but what is life without love.

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