Chapter Eight

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Chapter 8: A little frosting on top of an apology

"I came to ask you to have lunch with us, I know Cam has asked you before but I wanted to ask. If not then I'll just have to stay in here. With you. All lunch. And I should warn you I can be very annoying when I want to be," He proudly stated.

I laughed while I thought about it. The offer sounded different coming from him instead of Cam. It sounded more appealing.

"Okay," I said and that's all it took for him to stand up, take hold of my book, and grip my hand in his. Electricity sparked in my hand, ran up my arm and made my heart go fuzzy. I intertwined my fingers with his -loving the feeling- looked up and gave a small innocent smile. We exited the library hand in hand. We walked the halls hand in hand. I was about to let go at the cafeteria doors when he gripped tighter. And so we walked in, hand in hand.

Everybody that looked over froze, that action encouraging everyone else to look over. He squeezed my hand turning slightly to kiss my cheek. That one simple kiss and a light blush ran up my arm to my cheeks. I felt warm tingles outline where his lips had been.

In that moment everything felt perfect even if it was just for a minute. We headed over to a table that sat Cam, Jason, Jackson, a young brown haired girl, Christian, a slut, Thomas from the basketball team, and Lucca.

Asher sat down and pulled me on his lap. How cute?! My arm wrapped around his neck, and both of his went around my waist. I looked him the eyes for a minute. They looked back at me as if to ask if it was okay. I smiled and moved to get more comfortable.

I dragged my arm back reluctantly and shifted so more of my back was to him. I then twisted my long hair to the side so it wasn't in his face as much.

"Alyssa this is Monique, my sister. She's a freshman." Asher said proudly pointing to the petite brown haired girl. I looked over and smiled. This is Asher's sister. I looked back at Asher to see the love pouring out of his eyes.

"Hi," I said.

"Hey," she replied. We both smiled.

I half turned back to Asher, as he leant down and whispered in my ear. "That blonde is Christian's toy this week. And Thomas plays on the basketball team with me Lucca and Cam, so we hang out a fair bit." His warm minty breath was brushing against the highly sensitive skin below my ear. A small shiver went down my body and I tried to hold back my moan. I said 'tried' but by his reaction he must have heard me pretty well. I felt him stirring and getting a little excited beneath me.

I wanted to laugh but is was actually really hot. I moved dispite myself. And I felt his sharp gasp. I leant my head back on his shoulder to be closer to his ear.

"I think I should go get my lunch before you explode... and take me down with you," I whispered. I stood up and went to walk away when a small hand caught my wrist.

"Can I come with?" Monique asked. She smiled trying to hold in her grin but the laughter in her eyes said what she just saw. I nodded my head readying myself for anything she said to me.

She looped her arm through mine and skipped us down to the lunch line. Since it was almost half way through lunch it had shortened dramatically. I got a chicken sandwich, a slice of pizza, a heavily frosted cupcake, a small packet of crisps and a water. I turned to see if Monique wanted anything when I saw her expression. It was the 'you eat all that and you look like that' look, yeah I get that a lot.

"You eat as much as my brother and no offence but he's a pig," When she said that I laughed. But stopped when I realized he came in late with me and didn't eat.

I quickly picked up another piece of pizza, a water and changed the small packet of crisps to a big packet to share. I paid and we started walking back.

"I'm not gonna scare you away from my brother because he is a good guy. And its obvious you like each other. I just wanted to give you my blessing and warn you that I want to get to know you better. So prepare yourself!" She said as I rolled my eyes. I would've replied if we weren't right in front of the table. I walked over to Asher and sat on the chair next to him but Asher still pulled me and my chair as close to him as possible.

I placed my tray down on the table, grabbed my slice of pizza and pushed the tray towards him. I smiled towards his curious eyes, "I noticed you haven't eaten..." I shrugged my shoulders and he took the other slice of pizza. After wolfing down the crisps, that half the table took upon themselves to help us eat, and sharing the sandwich; I decided to share the cupcake too. Which is a big sacrifice.

The bell rung just as I was finishing my half of the cupcake. Everyone was walking out when I was pulled on top of Asher, my legs either side on him.

"You have a little frosting..." he placed his lips over the edge of my mouth as his tongue darted out to the corner of my lips before pulling back, "right there," I was frozen looking into his eyes until a little blush covered his cheeks.

He opened his mouth "I'm s-" I cut him off as my lips pressed against his.



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