Chapter Three: With the exception of stacey

After homeclass I see Asher waiting outside the classroom.

I walk out to him. "I'm sorry about before. I panic in awkward situations." I said, smiling sheepishly up at him

"It's fine." He said as he let out a small chuckle as we start walking to my next class. Wait what? My next class? Suddenly I stop and turn to face him.

"Do you know where my next class is?" I ask curious as hell. I mean it's a little weird.

He just nods his head and holds up a sheet of paper. As I look closer I saw the colourful blocks of a timetable. Mine.

Hmm whatever. I drop it and we continue walking to my class.

Throughout the day Asher walked me to every class as we chatted. At lunch Cam asked if I wanted to sit with them but I declined as per usual. As I left the guys talking by random lockers I walk around the corner heading to the library. I usually spent my lunch in there studying or reading.

I really wish I hadn't because I see Callum, Talon and Kyle. Just my nightmare. These boys are just what every girl dreams about. They're players that date every girl in school, including me. I didn't like them but I didn't see any harm in it. To me they're idiots and they'll never change their egomaniac ways.

I ruefully admit I've dated all three of them, at different times of course. But when I didn't give myself up and they got more and more persistent, I ended our relationships for their safety and my sanity.

So now they sort of harass me. My, so very annoying nickname is...

"Hey Mary!" Talon called. So original, talk about old school. Mary, as in Virgin Mary.

Oh yippee they know I'm here. Well I can't turn back now, especially since Melissa is standing right behind them. You know how every school has their stereotypical 'Queen B' well that's basically Melissa. She just happens to be a major tramp too. She hates me because I won't take her shit and I definitely won't pretend to like her because everyone else does, plus I can kick her ass and she knows it.

Melissa also doesn't like me very much because I'm now friends with Cameron and she's been trying to lure him to sleep with her. Like that's going to happen, Cam hates her, but she can't comprehend that so she ignores it like it's a mistake.

She's so fake that it's just ridiculous. She has bleach white hair that looks so hilarious when she has her regrowth, talk about embarrassing. She always has her face caked in make-up. If she hates her face so much why doesn't she wear a paper bag over her head?

I may be a virgin but I'm not as inexperienced as most girls and yet they tease me. That's the only way I can say it without sounding crude. I think it's because they didn't expect it.

Back to the scene at hand. I walk closer trying to find a way around them. There is none so maybe I'll just kick they're asses and step over them when they're on the ground writhing in pain.

"Hey Whore," I nod at Melissa. "Man whores" I nod to the boys, my voice coming out calm. I can see Melissa turning red, I don't know if she's blushing or if she's aggravated.

"Cameron!" she squeals and runs past me looking smug. If only she knew. I turn to see the guys standing near the corner. I can see Cam itching to turn and run and I almost laugh. But arms wrap around me and I know they aren't my own.

I shake their arms off and turn around. They step closer as I try to hide my disgust.

"You wouldn't hit a girl would you?" I put on my silky voice. Which seems to work when all three gulp and shake their heads. "Good!" I pulled my fist back and brought it against Callum's jaw, he stumbled back and slumped against his knees moaning in pain.

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