New Book!!!!

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Hey guys! So trust this is coming to an end but good news! I have a new book out for you to read.

Lunar Accord

"The mate bond kept me here but that wasn't what kept me looking at him."

Ellison desperately seeks out her mate wanting some form of companionship. 

After finding him she's sure the Moon Goddess made a terrible mistake. 

With everything that follows she doesn't see how she'll ever recover. But with her pack looking at her for guidance she knows she has to Luna up, at least until her family and pack mates are safe. 

Then, and only then, maybe she'll start to see that the Moon Goddess wasn't so mistaken after all.

Please, please, please go check it out! It's new but it will be updated at least once a week. Hope you enjoy and please leave as much feedback as you can, I'd love to know what you all think of it.

P.S. Dedications and shoutouts will be for votes/comments, so get voting/commenting!



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