Chapter Four

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Chapter Four: Have Mercy!

Waking up I feel the happiest I've been in a while, since dad left actually. I wonder why? I think sarcastically. It's him. He invaded my dreams again last night. Flashes of us hand in hand, walking along the beach clouded my mind all night. I shake myself out of my daydreaming and get up quickly.

After getting ready, I drive to school as normal, singing along to the radio. As I park in my parking space I see the last few people rushing around. I must be late but it doesn't matter considering my good mood right now. I walk to the office to sign in and collect a late pass.

I'm personally not in any hurry to get to home-class so I walk to my locker to pick up my books before heading to class; Classes today were pretty boring. I mean, who wants to learn what the square root of x is? On a beautiful day like today? Not me. So until lunch, I spend most of my time staring out the window.

When lunchtime arrived I found myself in a daze as I walk to my locker. Putting my books away I barely manage to close my locker as Cam leeches onto my arm and begins to drag me into the cafeteria.

No offence, I love him, but it's kind of spooky when he's not talking. Cam is quite talkative and I don't think I've ever seen him this quiet. At his usual table I see all the guys sitting, eating like it was any other day, except Cameron dragging me like a ragdoll. No one even looks at us. What if he were a serial killer dragging me to my doom, no one would even notice!

We halt at his table and Asher immediately stands up when he sees me. "This ends now! I'm not listening to this guy talk about you anymore!" He says to me, but then looks at Ash. "Here you go." Pushing me to Asher. I'm shocked. How rude! I am not some toy you can just hand off to someone else. Although being handed off to Asher is different; I mean, it could be worse right?

I can see the glare Ash gives Cam as Cam moves to his seat in between Lucca and Jackson. I note there's no girls at this table, that was odd, even though you see them all trying to sit as close as possible.

I hear someone clear their throat, when I look up I see Asher but jump in surprise when I notice how close we are. We're face to chest. Yes, I am quite short.  "We should talk." He says. He motions his head to the doors that lead to the corridors. We walk out but then stop and face each other. We then stood awkwardly, waiting for the silence to be broken.

He doesn't look me in the eye as he begins to speak. "I was thinking about our date-" He pauses, trying to gather his thoughts. Maybe he regrets asking me out. What if it was a dare? And I accepted like a creepy lovesick fool. Damn it! I should have seen this coming. Why would he wanna date me?!

"How about tonight?" He asks, finally looking up and meeting my eyes. Wow. I'm such a loser. I really need to stop obsessing; I'm going to have a stroke one of these days.

I breathe a sigh of relief than nod my head the best I can. I try to restrain myself but just as I'm about to burst I jump, wrapping my arms around his neck. And slowly his arms come around my waist.

Finally, after realizing what I'd done I let go, face flushing slightly from embarrassment, then drop to the ground again. "So yeah?" He says. I nod my head.

"I'll pick you up at 6:30." I smile thinking that that was only hours from now. Him tugging at my arm with impatience, we slowly walk back into the cafeteria. At some point during lunch I found Asher's hand had intertwined with mine. I was so out of it thinking about tonight I couldn't focus on anything for the rest of the day.


I get home around four, which means I only had two and a half hours to get myself ready. In situations like this I wish I had a girlfriend to help me. Girls never really seemed to like getting close to me. Some were jealous, some were scared but I had gotten used to it. Seeing as my mother was out of the apartment, it helps me relax a lot and also knowing she wouldn't be back anytime soon helped not to ruin my mood.

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