Chapter Six

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Chapter 6: I have a history of losing my shirt

Tonight's events down at the ring consumed all my thoughts. A slot opened up to fight a boy, but he's been in my league longer then me.

You see there are nine different leagues in both genders. At the start of your fighting career you were placed in a category dependent on skill, not weight or height, but plain raw talent. I've recently been pushed up into league three and I'm still new to it.

The boy I'm fighting against is known as Salvore and he's sixteen years old. I'm not scared but I'm a little nervous. Also because the fact that Cameron is in a fight two matches after mine. I always get worried when Cam fights. He's in league five, which is still pretty good. From what I've heard Lucca is in the same league. Christian is in four. Jackson is in two. Jason and Asher are in one, which is awesome but really scary.

Right now I'm sitting in class and the bell is just about to ring, meaning lunch in the library for me. Todays lessons I've been so preoccupied thinking about the fights happening tonight that I haven't been paying that much attention I class.


Once the last bell rings I rush to my car. I really want to get to the ring early so I have plenty of time to practice. Half way to my car I start to smile as I spot Asher leaning against my car. My smile soon fades as I see who he's with.


I know I said she's into Cam but that doesn't stop her from getting around. She gets her claws stuck into anyone she can find. But she's not getting Asher!

I storm over as fast as my legs can carry me. Just when she's about to lean in closer to him I reach out my hand. I catch her forehead in my palm and push it away. I position myself in between them just before I see Monique about two meters away walking slowly toward us. A smirk plastered wide and proud on her lips.

"What did you want Melissa? I'm sure I can help you with whatever it is you wanted." Plastering a huge fake grin on my face as I focus my eyes on her.

"Trust me, it's nothing you could ever give me." She says just as Monique joins us. That Bitch! I'm so angered my hands go for her throat. Asher behind me restricts my arms in his hands. But he's too busy to control his sister...

Monique shoves Melissa back and starts ranting and yelling, It all happens so fast. I hadn't met Monique before but I had heard about her and seen her in the corridors of school. Then the other night Asher had mentioned that she was his sister.

"How dare to talk to her like that?!" Monique yelled.

"Who do you think you are going around and wrecking the only shot Asher has had at happiness just to pleasure yourself." Monique screeched.

"You should really learn to not be so self-centered, have you ever thought of how he feels?" Monique yelled again.

"What if what you do scares Alyssa, the only girl he's ever smiled for, away?" Monique screamed.

I could see Monique just pushing and pushing Melissa. By the time she was done with her rant Melissa's face showed her defeat as she began to run away.

I was frozen. Then I bursted out laughing. That was hilarious. From what I knew Monique wasn't a fighter, but in my opinion she didn't need to be. That mouth could scare anyone.

After my giggle fit slowly subsided, I noticed Monique and Asher looking at me with smiles on their faces. Crap!

I suddenly snapped out of it, "I'm gonna be late for training! See you guys tonight." I ran to my car quickly getting in and zooming away.

I arrived at training, thankfully not late, and got straight to it.


About five minutes before my match I heard the locker room door open and close. I swung around to see Asher standing with a sheepish smile. I felt my throat constrict and attempted to swallow the lump.

Before I had a chance to say anything or do anything, he was right in front of me. "I just wanted to wish you luck." Asher says quietly. Slowly leaning in, I felt his lips on my cheek before I could comprehend anything.

At the sound of my song, my cue to walk out, I followed Asher out. The crowd was hectic but I finally made my way into the cage.

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