Chapter 18

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The thought of ruining Max's position as head executive thrilled me. It didn't seem like enough but I'd just have to wait and see how it turned out.

It was dark now. I just finished driving from Williams industries to home. I got out of the car and closed it as I began walking. Hearing a crunch of sticks in the distance I slowed down my pace and glanced around. I heard it again and stilled. However this time it sounded like footsteps.

There was someone here. That much was obvious. I've watched enough movies and read too many books to know it wasn't just some rabbit or cat.

Just incase I was right, I pulled out my phone and my fingers hovered over the key.

Glancing up for a second, I made out a silhouette. I quickly tapped in Alexanders number. Its not like I wanted to memorize it. It just happened to engrave itself in my brain.

Plus its not like I could call the cops. I didn't have to call anyone. But I wasn't planning on being the stupid girls in movies who didn't have a back up motive.

Mine was Alexander.

Discarding my thoughts I dared to grin as I watched one silhouette turn into two, then three.

The shadows came closer. I wasn't one to run and hide, so I stood up straight and patiently waited.

Finally three men emerged. All ironically wore black and their faces were cloaked.

They stood in silence as they pulled out small knifes and stepped closer.

I shook my head and then chuckled.

My phone was in my purse now. The line was open and all I heard Alexander say was a greeting then absolute silence. He was on the line, intently listening.

"Let me guess," I mused, "-Catelyn?"

The men didn't utter a word and I raised my eyebrow. It was dark and cold out. Yet, here we stood in front of my apartment with a very interesting situation.

"She sent you here," I continued, "-to what? Kill me? Or perhaps to eliminate me?" I couldn't help but laugh. Catelyn was always so dramatic.

"Actually," one of the men gruffly said as he pulled the material away from his mouth to speak.

"-she was kind enough to give you an option. Either you leave town now or stay and-" he pressed onto a button and the little knife flicked up, "-you pay the consequences."

I couldn't help but smile and shake my head.

"How much did she offer to pay you three?" I asked.

They all glanced at eachother.

"What?" The same one replied and I looked at him.

"Money," I said in a bored tone, "-how much of it did she offer to give you three?"

The man stayed silent for a second. He slid the knife into his back pocket and crossed his arms. The other two watched silently.

"Half a million," he commented. The man was ready to negotiate and I knew it.

"In total?" I continued and the man stifly nodded.

This was just too easy.

"Go find Catelyn, and tell her Victoria isn't going anywhere. Tell her, Victorias job here isn't done," I said calmly however I couldn't help the bitter tone, "-tell her, Victoria is out to get her."

The man was ready to oblige but I raised my hand to stop him.

"Do this, and I will raise the bar. One million for each of you fine gentlemen," I now said with a sweet smile.

"Each?" one of the men who hadn't spoken repeated.

"Correct. You know were to locate me, yes?" I stated almost sarcastically as I motioned towards my apartment.

The men seemed to like this arrangement better. With a tilt of the head, they disappeared into the night.

I quickly rushed inside my apartment to escape the cool breeze. I locked the door behind me and slipped out of my heels with my forehead leaning onto the door.

"Everybody's got a price," I whispered to myself.

"Alexander," I almost gasped as I fished for my phone. I placed it by my ear and was greeted by soft breathing.

"Alexander?" I repeated.

"Victoria? What the hell was that! All I heard were muffles, is everything alright?" Alexanders usual low voice seemed anxious.

"All is well. Just a false alarm. Nothing  serious," I dismissed then paused, "-Did I tell you about Maxwell?" I asked.

"What about him?" Alexander inquired.

"My place tomorrow morning and I'll explain. Bring Quinton too." And with that I hung up.

I was exhausted and didn't want to socialize. I made my way up the stairs and into my bedroom. Taking off my work attire, I slipped on my silk night gown and didn't hesitate to slip into bed.

Tomorrow was a big day. More accurately, a big day for Max.

I had a feeling perhaps Quinton would know some people. Some people who can lend me some pills. Maybe hallucinogens? Something to make Maxwell not appear as a professional representative of Williams industries? Maybe something better?

Who knows. We'll have to find out in due time.









AUTHORS NOTE; short and unedited so sorry

I sincerely apologize for the horrendous long waits. School and work do not go well together.

I think im being lazy. Though, i have little spare time and the only times i can write chapters are giving up sleep to do so.

I didn't quite like this  chapter.

Tell me what you think Victoria is planning this time?

What will happen to Max?

Catelyn planning?

Whats Alexanders thoughts?

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