4. Life In Underground

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"Thank you! I'm so glad that you came. By the way, where's Misa?" you asked him but you already knew the answer.

"Oh I'm sorry that she couldn't come. She said she'll pay for it by coming tomorrow."

"It's fine. Please come in" you smiled but your felt sad that your best friend hadn't come. You and Akio talked for sometime about the bullies in the neighborhood. Soon you cut the cake and held a little piece of it in front of his mouth. You blushed a little when he bit the piece of cake from your hand. "It's really good!" he said.

"Thank you! I would've made it bigger but I didn't have much ingredients" you replied. You thought this was the perfect moment to give him the locket. You pulled it out of your pocket and held it up for him to see. "This is for you, Akio" you said, trying your best not to blush so hard.

"Huh? This is really pretty, but why are you giving it to me?" 

You explained why the necklace was special and how it represented love. You felt more confident when you saw his cheeks turn a lighter shade of red. "Thanks" he said quietly, taking it from you. You grinned and rumbled his hair affectionately. You two went outside and sat under a tree for a while, holding hands. "I've always wanted to see stars with someone I love" you said.


[ On the road, night time ]

Two days had passed since your birthday and you had were walking on the road alone for some fresh air. It was getting cold so you decided to head back home. When you were passing the local park, you saw your locket with the red crystal lying on the ground, covered in dust. 'What's this doing here?'  you asked yourself. You were scared to hear the answer as a part of you knew why it was here. You picked it up with shivering hands and walked a little inside the park. Soon, your heard people talking. There were three people, Akio, Misa and a bully from your street. You stood behind the tree and heard them talk.

".... I mean, how can she be so dumb? She thinks we consider her our friend." said Akio's voice. "she gave me a stupid locket saying that it binds two people together. I don't even believe in that sort of bullshit."

"Well, don't stop talking to her, we still need the money she provides" you heard Misa say.

"You know, I really love to bully jerks like her. By the way Akio, you are a really good actor. The only thing you are good at" said the bully, chuckling.

"Shut up, at least I'm good at one thing, unlike you" came Akio's reply. You couldn't hear it anymore. You walked away, feeling your stomach twist. The whole world felt like it was falling and your brain felt like exploding. As you walked every step seemed heavier and breathing became difficult. Your mouth was very dry, you couldn't speak or shout. By now, your body was working on it's own. You no longer had any idea about what you were doing. You went to your hut, took your self-protection knife and went to the park again. This time when you saw your friends, hot tears poured out of your eyes. 'Loving didn't make me weak',  you thought to yourself and killed your friends with tears running down your face. "I-I was so happy. We would have been so happy together. It's not my fault, I never wanted to kill anyone! Why did you ruin everything?" you asked to their dead bodies as you cried into the darkness. You went to the nearby graveyard and dug a deep hole. You buried your heart crystal locket as a sign that the human inside you was dead. 

[ End of Flashback!!! ]

A tear rolled down your cheek as you opened your eyes in the darkness of your room. You couldn't make the same mistake again. Humans had always been monsters. You couldn't make the mistake of loving again. You looked out of the window. There were no stars visible tonight.


The red heart crystal locket- 

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