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hiatus-We'll Meet Again | Levi x Reader | by orangeXgrapes
hiatus-We'll Meet Again | Levi x orangeXgrapes
❝Why don't you remember?❞ // In a life forgotten underground, Levi armed a child with a blade and told me one thing: "live."~ Levi met (Y/N) only once, and unk...
Never Forgotten (Levi X OC Fanfiction) by ViLeviivel
Never Forgotten (Levi X OC Samantha Levaiy
Gwen Regaey, or is that really her name? She was 17, she knew nothing about her past, she believed her family died in the hands of humanity's enemies. Despite her memory...
Love Story (Levi x Aristocrat Reader) by ReiaBritannia
Love Story (Levi x Aristocrat Reia Vi Britannia
Levi Ackerman detests the upper class. After seeing so many people starving to death, there's no way he could ever forgive those who live in wasteful, selfish luxury...o...
Save Me (Levi x OC) by ahyescaffeine
Save Me (Levi x OC)by aggressively sips coffee
Alexandra Martinez, a soldier on Levi's squad, has long been known for her skills not only in a fight but in healing others, too, and she unknowingly captured her captai...
Together, we heal | Levi Ackerman by xofrankiox
Together, we heal | Levi Ackermanby frankie
It would be insane not to wonder about the curious case between the relationship of Humanity's Strongest, Captain Levi Ackerman, and renowned doctor, Vanya Ronan. To ev...
The Unexpected Marriage by evelynfoxworth
The Unexpected Marriageby evelynfoxworth
Y/n is expected to marry Captain Levi Ackerman, humanity's strongest soldier at her father's wish, the former Commander of the Scouts. Though this is an arranged marriag...
All Hope Is Lost [AoT fanfic] Levi x OC by tinygirlbigdreams
All Hope Is Lost [AoT fanfic] Tiny girl Big Dreams
Levi X OC [unedited for now, I warned you] Nana is a girl who is wise beyond her years. She grew up poor and had to be creative when it came to getting money: She sang f...
Wings [LevixEren] by maddiegarrett03
Wings [LevixEren]by maddiegarrett03
My first story! YAAY!! So, I like anime. I like Attack on Titan....... and I ship Levi and Eren I KNOW I CANT HELP IT!! So, this story is just a whole bunch of little cu...
Turning Page || Levi Ackerman by leviscoffeecup
Turning Page || Levi Ackermanby levi'scoffeecup
Dim lights, dull alleys, and desperate hearts. The underground is filthy and dark. A place Levi knows as well as the back of his hand, and a place he would do anything...
All Your Strength- Levi X Reader (SH, Depression) by levifanfics04
All Your Strength- Levi X Reader ( levifanfics04
Levi x Depressed Reader Tw: intense description of self harm and rape. If you're triggered by these themes please read with caution. *Strong Sexual Content* **All charac...
Your coffee influence (Levi Ackerman x Reader) by veyalicious
Your coffee influence (Levi 𝘼𝙩𝙩𝙤𝙧𝙣𝙚𝙮
This is a text story between Levi and Y/N.
About Damn Time by ObsidianGhost1
About Damn Timeby Iwipemyasswithredflags
It's been stated that Levi is the most sexually frustrated character in the SNK universe. Well, he's about to meet a woman who's going to make it very hard for him. (Pun...
Levi x Reader Oneshots by ReiaBritannia
Levi x Reader Oneshotsby Reia Vi Britannia
A book full of oneshots with our favorite grumpy captain from "Attack on Titan"! I hope you enjoy, and please stay tuned for updates! This book is intended for...
We'll meet again  ;  Levi Ackerman by matsuexe
We'll meet again ; Levi Ackermanby matsuexe
Sequel to '10 reasons', a story in which levi tells the ten reasons as to why he's in love with you. Only now, there's someone else - someone that you never exp...
Levi x Reader Oneshots 2 by ReiaBritannia
Levi x Reader Oneshots 2by Reia Vi Britannia
My second book full of oneshots with our favorite grumpy captain from "Attack on Titan"! I hope you enjoy, and please stay tuned for updates! This book is inte...
COLD 𝔹𝕃𝕆𝕆𝔻𝔼𝔻 | Levi Ackerman x Reader by IcyGirlMJ
𓅃 ⚠️MANGA SPOILERS INCLUDED⚠️ Emotionless... Stoic... These were the words that people used to described you. You were a very unique person. You had an old language wri...
Captain's Other Half (Levi Ackerman)  by Skydamsel
Captain's Other Half (Levi Cess Manawis
AOT FANFICTION Captain Levi is known with his cold aura, sharp battle skills, wise decisions, and unshakeable leadership. But nobody know that he is onc...
The Good Captain | Levi x Reader by takastrapi
The Good Captain | Levi x Readerby Taka
Captain Levi isn't prone to making friends. But when you injure yourself training to be in the Survey Corps, you manage to capture his attention. He offers you a deal yo...
Keep you safe [Eruri] by ErwinSmithsRightArm
Keep you safe [Eruri]by Erwin simp 😌✨
Levi sustains an injury in an expedition outside the walls, and for the next six months, Commander Erwin makes sure he doesn't go on any more missions. The question is w...
Hellfire • L.A. by lifeinkalopsia
Hellfire • kirby
*this book is unedited, as well as a work of fiction* To the public, the Survey Corps are the most elite branch of the military, but that's not true. The Phoenix Squadro...