Ch. 6: Taking A Tumble

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Ch. 6: Taking A Tumble


I frowned and tried to smooth out my bedhead. "Elle," I muttered. I looked around and noticed that I had stubbed my toes on my truck for school. Jerk. I glared at it before turning away with a huff. Bending down, I popped it open and grabbed a long sleeved flannel, some grey jeans, and a pair of hiking boots.

"Bathroom is to your left; only one connected to a room." Fred yawned and stretched his arms over his head, causing his fiery red hair to fall over his eyes. 

Must be one of the twins Hermione was talking about, I thought as I bundled up my pile of clothes into my arms and peered around for the door he was talking about. 

"Thanks," I said under my breath with a sharp eye, grabbing my bag of toiletries before giving him a glare and stalking over to the bathroom. Fred Weasley didn't impress me with his rude comment and stupid grin as he watched my limp, painfully to the bathroom with my stubbed toe.

I locked the door behind me and turned on the faucet, splashing cold water on my face to wake me up a bit. "It's gonna be a long day, Elle," I told my drowned-rat expression, water dripping from my chin.

I shut off the sink and threw on my clothes, running a brush through my hair. "You both have the same frizzy hair." Fred's voice rang through my head. I did not know why this bothered me so much; I never really cared how I looked and I know that I don't have frizzy hair. 

Frowning at my poofed hair, I pulled my wand out of my boot and pointed it at my hair "Lisse" I said, watching as my hair suddenly became smooth and silky, with soft curls at the end.

Grinning at the result, I put on some mascara and walked out to meet the Weasley's. All the while, I tried to ignore the fact that if it was the least bit humid today, that spell would wear off at the snap of Mother Nature's twisted, sadistic fingers.

It turns out that I was right when I had assumed that this room was close to the kitchen. When I walked into the dining room, a fairly small group of people were sitting down and talking amongst themselves. 

No one seemed to notice I had entered until a short, plump woman came into the room holding a large plate of pancakes. The woman was wearing a colorful apron with flour caked on it and a happy smile on her face as she flittered about, her red curls bouncing as she went. She took a short glance at me and came running to my side, juggling the plate. "Oh, Hermione dear. Did you get those two up? I know they are a hassle in the morning."

"Uh-h" I stuttered and blinked dumbly a few times. 

Someone sitting at the table saved me by clearing their throat, catching the woman's attention. "Mum, that's not Hermione." I peered over the woman's stack of pancakes to see a boy grinning at me from his place at the table. "I'm George." He waved a curt wave to me with a half smile.

"Elle," I said, embarrassed about the whole situation.

The woman turned to me with wide eyes and gave me a big hug. "Oh, hello dear! You must think I am a ditz. I'm Molly Weasley, welcome to my home." She grinned and released me to set the pancakes on the table.

"Hello, I'm Ginny." A young, red-headed girl waved to me with a half smile, but she looked as if she was half asleep. I watched her head bob up and down as it perched on her fist, her eyelids drooping the longer the awkward introductions went on.

Arthur waved to me from across the table but seemed pretty much preoccupied with the Daily Prophet that was in his hands. "Good morning."

"I know you are a guest but do you mind going upstairs and checking up on those three?" Molly asked, pleading with me. "They're on the third floor and the second door to your right, dear."

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