Ch. 4: Arthur Weasley

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Ch. 4: Arthur Weasley

Song For Chapter: Ride by Lana del Rey

I WASHED MY HANDS IN the basin of the bathroom and sighed. The wedding ceremony was pretty elegant and my brother seemed happy, more than happy actually. Trey looked ecstatic, as if his whole world, and soul, and heart were encased in the beautiful frame of his bride.

Despite myself, I couldn't help but start crying a bit when he kissed her — much to my own embarrassment. Sure, he is not my own blood, but even then, he is still my brother. Trey and I have a bond, and I will be there for him. As for the tears, well, I cannot really say if they were happy or mournful.

The majority of them were happy tears; Trey had met the other half of his soul. 'The one person who carries your whole world in the palm of their hand and you theirs,' the tiny romantic side of my brain sighed. The rest of my brain just rolled its eyes.

However, a tiny fraction of myself was sad. Somewhere in my heart, I felt as if I would never find that one person for me. As Trey smiled warmly down on his bride, I could not help but feel that pang of longing in my chest for something like that. But, doesn't everyone want that kind of love every once in a while?

As I left the lavatory I was yanked out of my melancholy thoughts. "ELLE! Elle!" I snapped my head to the right to find the face to the voice, though I already knew who it was. No matter how long I went without seeing my friends, Jenna had a distinct 'notice me' ring to her voice.

"You dumb brunette! Over here!" Jenna was waving four hands in my direction. Her right hand was latched on to a smirking Lana, while the left was — to my mild, yet not unexpected, surprise — glued to Hermione.

"Calm down!" I cupped my hand over to my mouth and chuckled at her; I really missed my strange weirdo friends, but a few elderly couples were giving all four of us strange and disapproving glances and shaking their heads.

Poor Hermione, she seemed a bit uncomfortable and was attempting to fade into the crowd. Perhaps it would have worked too, if it weren't for the fact that Jenna was hoisting her up like some prized oddity.

"Are you takin' the piss?!" Lana spoke up in her rural, French accent. "We haven't seen you in forever." She chuckled as a few of the American guests gave her appalled looks. Most of them didn't understand the phrase (while a waiter actually chuckled and winked at her) and I shook my head at the old inside joke that we enjoyed sharing.

'Taking the piss' was a phrase that Lana had brought back a few summers before when she was in France visiting with her cousins. She couldn't keep a straight face when she had first heard it, and she immediately had to share the news when she made it back home. Though it simply meant a crude 'are you kidding?', we'd latched onto it.

I jogged over to them and smacked both Jenna and Lana's shoulders. "We are at a wedding. You both need to watch it!" Chuckling, I leaned in and whispered: "no, I am not takin' the piss!"

"Honestly you three, you would think you would have better manners, being at a wedding," a husky voice sounded behind us, "even if you are V.I.P."

Spinning around, I raced into Trey's awaiting arms. "Oh my gosh! You were amazing, did you have cold feet?" Before my brother could answer that, I blathered on, "are you sure you are ready, cause you know we can get you an annulment before twenty-four hours." I elbowed him, joking of course.

Trey smiled at my ridiculous question and shook his head. "No, I'm fine, but thank you for being my best sister."

"I'm your only sister." I frowned and squinted at him. He only winked in response.

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