Ch. 2: You're Adopted

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Ch. 2: You're Adopted

I STOOD THERE, IN THE doorway to my room, for what seemed like a long time. I didn't know what to do, or think, or even say. I had gasped, somewhat melodramatically, when I had first walked inside, but now. . .  I was just still -- frozen to the shag carpet beneath my feet. 

       Everything was gone. Everything

      My mum had just. . .  packed it all up. I had checked my closet and the bathroom and even my special hiding place under my mattress. All of it had been packed away. I didn't understand why she would do this, or even how she would be able to. 

     "Hon? Please come downstairs. We need to have a talk." My mum grabbed my shoulders gently, her voice soft. As if she was trying to tell me that she was sorry and that she did not want things to turn out like this, but it was the only way. I had heard that tone in her voice many times before. She liked to pull it out when she was about to do something that went against what I wanted.

      "Talk about what? This? What is going on Mum?!" I turned on my heel and glared at her, I had never been so harsh to my mother before, but what she has done has left me scared and helpless. Why had she packed up all of my things?! I waved my hand around the bare room, practically at a loss for words. "Why did you do this?" 

      "Please, I'll tell you everything. Let's just go downstairs and be civil about this, darling." She pushed me lightly, ushering me down to the first level where the couple still was waiting. I had all but forgotten about them.

      Numbly, I let her lead me. I was in a trance. Time seemed to be stopped and I had no idea if this was even reality or not. When we reached the living room, the couple that I had seen earlier were now seated on the couch, looking very nervous. Walking into the living room, the couple quickly jumped up onto their feet and shot me wavering grins. The woman even started to cry.

        "You are so beautiful!" The woman sobbed and rubbed under her eyes. "Clarisse, you have done a wonderful j-job raising her." She tried to smile, but it kept wavering and turning into watery tears, slipping off her lips. "Excuse me, I'm just so-o happy. . .  and disgraced at myself." The woman apologised to me, and pulled out a hankie, dabbing at the corners of her eyes.

     The man stepped forward and held out his hand to me, nervously. "I-I'm Dan Granger, and this is my wife, Jane." He smiled at me and I took his hand, confused as to what they wanted.

      "It's nice to meet you two. I'm Elle." I returned their warm smile. Or, I tried to at least. Nothing could mask the confusion I undoubtedly had on my expression. The woman sniffled a bit and pulled me into a tight hug, but it was not as awkward as I thought it would be. It was actually nice, even though she was a random stranger.

     Worried about my safety, I quickly cast a worried eye towards my mother. She only nodded that this was okay, and I lightly hugged the woman back, still a bit uncomfortable when Jane pulled away.

     "Elle, what a beautiful name," Jane whispered to herself, sitting down on the floral printed couch. My Mum sat me down in a cushioned chair across from the couch that faced the couple. "Our daughter should be here shortly," Jane added, her eyes wavering over our fireplace, "I told her it was urgent for her to meet you." Despite the bittersweet air that was around me, I could tell by the uncomfortable way Dan and Jane shifted in their spots, they were very uncomfortable. Almost as uncomfortable as myself.

     "Elle, sweetie," My mum grabbed my hand searched my eyes with her probing blues. In her eyes held all the sadness and pleading in the world, pleading me to understand whatever it was that she needed to tell me. "Please, believe me when I tell you this. . . " 

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