Ch. 5: Seeing Double

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Ch. 5: Seeing Double

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Fred's POV:

"George, have you seen those Exploding Spider Snacks I was carrying around?"

"You mean the ones that crawl around and go off in hidden places?"

I pat down my empty pockets and smirked as George got up from the kitchen table, a mug in hand and a wand tucked behind his ear. "Well, er, they're gone."


"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS THAT?!" Ron screeched from upstairs. "S-Sp-Spiders, H-Harry, kill it."

"Ron, get off!" Harry grunted. There was a loud thump, which I assumed was the sound of Harry shoving my brother off of him, followed by a repetition of stomping sounds as Harry smooshed the poor, enchanted candies. 

"Blimey," George huffed, running up the stairs and yelling at the pair. "DON'T JUST SMASH 'EM." Though he was gone, their voices carried down to the kitchen where I grabbed the kettle and poured myself a cup of tea. "They're edible and Fred and I paid good money for you to squeal, Ronnie."

"Piss off, George," Ron said, his voice breaking as I chuckled from downstairs, able to hear the three of them arguing over the loose, little critters. 

My dad got home around one in the morning. Technically, George and I were supposed to be in bed, but I had a feeling that I wanted to scare Hermione when she got here. It would piss Ron off and that's one of the things George and I live for. Too bad the spiders were meant to be the surprise for Hermione. 

She usually never fell for our tricks. 

Now, with a couple spiders in our mouths and a newly hatching plot in our minds, George and I talked back and forth, trying to come up with a new, last minute scheme to prank Hermione Granger.

" 'Ello Fred, George, could you help me for a second?" My dad whispered to me as he walked through the front door, not even caring that we were still up. "George, I need you to help bring in the girls' bags, and, well, Fred your's is a little more complex."

"Woah, hold on --" George looked at me and my father confused and I quickly caught on.

"--girls; plural?" I finished his sentence.

Dad just nodded and lead us outside to his car. It was dark and I could see Hermione sleeping in the back seat that my dad had set up, but one of the sleeping bags was empty beside her. "I need you to carry her inside, Fred," Dad whispered to me and nodded towards Hermione.

I shook my head right away. She looked heavy, besides, Ron would blow up if he witnessed Hermione in my arms. However, I paused at the thought of that. It would be sort of fun, and it wasn't as if I couldn't do it -- I'd carried Oliver Wood off the Quidditch pitch plenty of times before.

"Maybe you should get Ronald to carry her. Hermione doesn't really care for me too much and, if she woke up while I was carrying her to her room, she would throw a giant fit. She'd wake up the house," I whispered back to my dad. Honestly, I didn't care whether she would wake up or not; I was more curious about meeting this other girl my dad had mentioned. The disappearing act was mysterious, I must admit.

My dad looked at me for a long time, puzzled, before his face cleared and was replaced with a humorous one. "That's not Hermione, Fred. That's her twin: Elle."

I chuckled lightly and shook my head. "Yeah, right. Hermione has a twin? Does the world really need another know-it-all?" He frowned at me, his brow furrowed in disappointment at my harsh words while he pointed behind me. Slowly, I turned my head to come face-to-face with a slightly peeved Hermione Granger, her wild mane growing more ferocious with her annoyance.

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