Ch. 8: Country Sides

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Ch. 8: Country Sides

The sun was barely starting to rise by the time we started walking. I was confused as to where we were going, but it did not really bother me-since the view was beautiful and it was kind of relaxing. 

As we continued walking down the grassy slopes, I noticed that everyone had sort of drifted off into their own separate groups and I was walking by myself. I turned to my left to see Hermione and Ginny walking together and laughing, but I didn't want to disturb them, especially after Hermione just attacked me. 

I glared at her back, still holding a slight grudge. Though, I was glad she didn't seem to be freaking out about being expelled for some reason.

Looking behind me, towards the back of the group were Ron and Harry; they were both whispering to each other and I had a funny feeling that they were talking about me. This feeling was confirmed when Harry and Ron both looked up at me and met my eyes, before quickly looking away.

Sighing, I shifted the pack on my back and was about to dig through it for my worn copy of Great Expectations when a fiery haired twin popped up beside me.

"What are you doing?" He questioned me and put his arms behind his head as he walked. I couldn't tell whether he was Fred or George, so I stared at him for a while, trying to commit this one to memory so I wouldn't get them messed up again.

"Er...Nothing." I smiled lightly and kept walking. I saw the other one eyeing us a few feet away, he was writing something down on a slip of paper before folding it up and shoving it into his trouser pocket. Curiously, I watched the twin next to me walk over to a purple leaved plant on the side of the road and pull it out of the ground.

"Hey, George," Fred, the one holding the uprooted plant, whispered to his twin. George looked at the plant and trudged over to the two of us, his face lighting up into a bigger and bigger grin as he got closer to the plant.

Arching a brow, I leaned forward and examined their attitudes towards the plant, interested in how odd the two of them were.

George picked up the plant and flipped it upside down to get a good look at the roots. "I think you're right, Fred." The both shared their own mischievous smirk that I was already used to. George handed the root back to Fred and dusted his hands off on his shirt.

Fred turned to me and stuck the roots in my face, causing me to retract my face with an upturned nose. "Eat a piece of this?" He smiled.

I raised a brow at the two of them and objected. "What? No! That could poison me for all I know." I stuck my nose in the air. I had barely known these two for three hours and they were trying to get me to eat something they dug out of the ground?

"Oh come on, aren't American's supposed to be adventurous?" Fred pleaded and handed me the root, trying to change my mind. 

I glared down at the innocent little root and frowned at the twins. "You're referring to the Spanish since they were the first to explore the 'New World'." I was actually pretty curious about what it could do, but I wasn't willing to stake my life on it.

"Don't worry--" George egged me on.

Fred nodded and grinned. "Besides, we have the antidote." 

Startled, I dropped the plant. "Are you?!" I yelled at them, but quickly composed myself. "Are you serious?!" I whisper-yelled at them. They both looked at each other and chuckled, shaking their heads at my reaction.

"BOYS!" Mr. Weasley yelled across from the group; he had heard me yelling at them. "What are you doing back there?" He turned around and all three of us acted innocent. I didn't want to get in trouble with Mr. Weasley already. He looked at us and started to come over to inspect us for any suspicious activity. Something told me that the pair were continually getting in trouble with their parents.

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