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"Minerva, will you please?" Dumbledore only nodded towards the two bodies laying in a heap next to the door.

Minerva McGonagall gasped, covering her mouth and took out her wand. "Oh my - how did this happen?!" She glared at the man who was currently tied to the chair, Snape was furiously interrogating the clear Death Eater.

Solemnly, she transfigured the two unconscious girls to floor behind her as she stalked through the corridors, through the hordes of mourners and towards the Infirmary, where no doubt Mr. Diggory was having his son Cedric's body examined for cause of death.

Minerva could hardly stand all the death surrounding the end of term, she didn't know how she would feel if the girls following her were gone too. 

There was a great commotion as the two bodies drifted through the crowds of mourners, quickly matching the pace of McGonagall who was trying to get through with out too much distraction. "Make way! Make way!" She yelled a few times at the stragglers who were gaping, pale faced as the two bodies floated past.

"L-Lana?" A small voice called from behind in the crowds. "Elle?" As McGonagall passed, she met with the scared blue eyes of Jenna Chase. 

"Come with me, Miss Chase. You should be there.. when.. well when Madame Pomfrey gives the results." The Professor spoke mechanically, not even pausing to voice this, but still drifting through the crowds at a fast pace - time was of the essence and while these girls were currently protected by a magic charm, magic could only do so much.

The crowds became thicker and thicker as people were coming back from the stadium, faces tear stained and horrified. Minerva knew there would be a total uproar if she didn't move faster.

"E-Elle?" The voice of a familiar Weasley sounded in the Professor's ears. "ELLE!" Suddenly, the whole pack of Weasley's, Mother and Father too, were by the two bodies, matching McGonagall's pace evenly. The Professor spared them a glance, noting how pale Fredrick Weasley was and how tightly he clutched to the Granger girl's blood soaked hand. 

"Please don't touch her, Mr. Weasley. Her body is covered in third-degree burns, it will only damage her more." McGonagall sniffed, and that was the last thing she said to the crowd following her. Even when she lay the two girls down on the cots, she didn't say a word.

Only when she turned to leave, did McGonagall take one look around the room and look straight at Ronald Weasley's face, voicing a mere two words. "Get Granger."

 ~~~~~~Three Months Later:

"Hey Elle." A cheerful tone sounded in the empty Infirmary. Everyone had long sense packed up their belongings and begun to board the train. Hogwarts was officially out of school. 

Sighing, Hermione straightened out her hair and gave her broken sister a half-smile, still tearful from Cedric's eulogy service Dumbledore had given earlier as a respectful way to end the term. He would be missed.

"I know you would have wanted to be at the funeral, Elle. But don't worry, I'm sure Cedric would have understood." Hermione's voice strained a little and she brushed a clump of oily hair from her sister's brow. "I-I recorded the eulogy for you." She fumbled through her pouch, pulling out an ancient tape recorder. "I know they say people in commas can still hear you, honestly I believe that's a load of rubbish..."

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